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Wednesday, Sep. 3, 2014
Just Saying - Episode 60

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Get back to the three R's

I saw in the paper that the teachers are going to start giving the kids tests before they finish the chapters in a book to see what they've learned so far. If the teachers would stay off of their cell phone and quit texting and chatting on Facebook, they could teach the children. Most of the teachers aren't worth a flip. They're just down there for the money, to talk on the phone and run people's business. They need to get back to the old days, put their phones down, use pencils and paper instead of Ipads and all that crap.

It really gets my goat

This is in reference to Thursday, Aug. 21, Noranda versus Ameren. Haven't followed the actions and other decisions made by the Public Service Commission, a lot of which are from this area, they should be renamed Missouri Paid Off Commission. Every threat of lay-offs at Noranda should scare the crap out of every car dealer, restaurant, grocery store and store in this area. The retailers make a lot more than 1.8 percent that their bills would go up for everybody in this area. Let's see how this would look on the Missouri jobs growth, employment rolls, taxes paid. So many areas this would affect. But it wouldn't hurt the $7 million the CEO of Ameren was paid last year. Where are the senators and state representatives for this area? Why aren't they beating on doors with information at Jefferson City? They were all at the big dinner that Ameren had for them. Jefferson City, get off your butt. Do something. People stand up and say your piece. This is a bum rap. They need to quit looking at goats and do their jobs. Do your jobs as you were elected to do. Save these jobs. This would devastate this area.

Indecent exposure?

My Dad used to tell a story about an uncle of his who cussed and cursed constantly. He would emphasize examples of the immoral behavior. For example, the uncle would say, "Pass the g*^%$#@ salt shaker." My Mom sometimes said that the only reason Dad told the story was so that he could enjoy the evil behavior without being guilty of something himself. Is that what the Standard Democrat is doing when they print indecent pictures for our children to see - example: Jessica Alba and Miley Cyrus on Sunday, August 24th? Not sure Dad's use of those words was okay. Not sure your pictures are either. Please stop the smut.

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