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Wednesday, Apr. 23, 2014
Just Saying - Episode 60

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No excuses

I just don't understand the schools no excuses for not coming to school, even with a doctor's excuse. They can send tutors out to these little old gals that have had babies. They've got a choice, they could have kept their panties on. People that are really sick, they don't have a choice. They should be excused. I just don't understand this. This is just ridiculous. I think this needs to be changed. I know people abuse it and take their kids to the doctor when there is nothing wrong with them, but that's the doctors fault too.

In debt to the vet

I'd like to know how the veterinarians can keep you from purchasing heart worm pills without having your dog checked for heart worms first. My dogs ain't got heart worms, and I've already given them pills. I wouldn't do anything to hurt them, but you've got to spend a small fortune to purchase any heart worm pills. I think this is a rip off. I think there oughta be a law against this. They are getting rich and they're making me so poor I can't hardly afford to buy dog food for them for the dang vet bills.

Scary success

This is a success to a scary extent. It's 17 out of 32 warrants served. That means 15 known dangerous people are amongst us and we are expected to aid the police in capture of them and others when they won't release their names. It's great no one was injured during the spring fling although it's obvious that months went by with people having made sales repeatedly not only to undercover officers but others in this time also. During the time it took to build up enough warrants to make headlines it was probably endangering everyone.

You clearly misunderstand the criminal justice process. The recent arrests resulted from a grand jury in Scott County. The timing of the warrants - and arrests - was in the hand of the courts.

Bill doesn't work

After all the facts have been presented, high unemployment, the largest poverty percentages are the proof that the Right to Work Bill does not work. It is not good for the people. Taxes for local cities, towns, even the school districts and the state goes down. If you don't make it, you can't pay it. I have asked State Representative Holly Rehder how this is good for anyone since she has sponsored the bill and have yet to receive a word from her. How does anyone support a bill knowing that it does nothing for the people and only increases the political contributions of elected officials that support the bill? Politics as usual. New honest ethics and disclosure is needed for an honest people's government.

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