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Wednesday, July 30, 2014
Just Saying - Episode 60

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Take a seat

Which code enforcer would drive by Glenn Street every morning on his way to work and his way home, and not notice a couch that has been sitting by the driveway for two weeks now and not have somebody remove it?

Technology is a bad word

I never heard of such a stupid thing as using iPads in school, the teachers and the students. The students are not gonna even know how to write their name. They are always fussing about the kids staying in front of the iPads at home. My gosh, putting them in the school ain't gonna help them. What are the teachers gonna do, stand up there with their fingers up their butt and get paid? Kids are not gonna have enough sense to know when to come out of the rain. They won't be able to write their name or anything else. That's the dumbest thing I have ever heard in my life. Do the old-fashioned teaching, ABC's.

Shoot, get a decent woman

I don't understand why men kill each other over an old sorry woman. It beats all I ever saw. They just go from one man to another, from bed to bed. Find a decent woman you can trust then you don't have to shoot somebody. It's stupid to shoot somebody over a man or a woman. There's more men shooting each other over some sorry woman. It's just ridiculous. Find you a good woman that you can trust.

What's the hangup?

Come on Sikeston, get the Complex water cleaned out so the little kids can fish too. I've seen four or five people out there, I take my grandkids out there. They can't even fish because there is nowhere for them to fish because their little arms can't swing that hard to throw out. There's so much grass and algae and cypress and seaweed in there so only grownups can fish and I don't think that's fair to the little ones. Get than Complex cleaned up are you are going to lose a lot of money 'cause people are gonna go somewhere else. It sure isn't fair not to get this cleaned up so the little kids can fish. You say you stock it, but I have never seen or heard where you stocked that pond. Get it cleaned up or fill it in with dirt and put more toys out there. Nobody can fish with all the seaweed and stuff. I've called the Chamber of Commerce and they say they have tried two or three things. Well, nothing has worked. Get a backhoe, haul it up, put it in a truck and drive out with it. Clean it up.

The Park Division is working hard to correct the problem. We've been making headway. We hope to have the problem solved in the coming months. -- Jiggs Moore, Parks and Recreation director

Preparing for a strike

Is there anyone in the Sikeston area who installs lightning rods?

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