Speakout 2/8

Sunday, February 8, 2004

I have always been a fair justice person. But there is a person who has worked for the government and has had two felony B charges on drugs, one felony C for distributing to a minor and one felony D charge. When he rode these charges out for over a year and it came to a conclusion on Jan. 22, and all the charges were dropped, and he admitted and pled guilty to a class C felony of possession of a controlled substance with intent to distribute, well, guess what? He got one year of imposition to spend in jail and one year of supervised probation. Is it money that lightens these sentences or are these people really snitches? I will send this to everyone I can think of. This is not fair to the other people.

I think the month of February in Southeast Missouri will be colder than January was, not for the whole month, but off and on. We will get more snow in February. It looks rough ahead.

I have sent you cards for birthdays, anniversaries, holidays and other little things for many, many years. There are givers and there are takers. You must decide if you are a giver or a taker. Sometimes givers get tired of giving.

Is this a joke?

Oh, I can't believe that Medicare is paying somebody to teach another person to sit on a rubber ball. This is ridiculous!

If someone out there has had a family member on oxygen or breathing treatments, I need a nebulizer really bad. I'll either rent it or buy it. My number is (573) 649-3492.

Your doctor can prescribe a nebulizer and treatment medication from a number of places locally and nationwide. Medicare and most health insurances cover these costs. For more information, call your pharmacist or look for other providers under "oxygen" in the yellow pages.

I am calling in reference to the Jan. 29 SpeakOut about "Stop the check." I'm concerned about them speaking about individuals having babies and disability checks. Have they ever thought that a person may have a thyroid problem, which could be the reason they are getting fatter and fatter? Also, as far as women being pregnant, some women have problems and don't understand. Has this person ever thought about helping women to learn to do better, or to help them get educated so they can go out and get a job? Before they put people down and say to cut out their checks, they need to know that welfare isn't that much. For a three-person household, you only get $292 a month. If you have to pay for your rent, electric and send your kids to school, you really couldn't live off that. So stop complaining. You're not giving enough for people to live on. I know because I used to be a welfare recipient. I also know someone who receives disability. Those checks are just enough to maintain on. It only keeps them under poverty as long as they get the checks. Instead of talking about these individuals, go out and help educate them so they can go to work unless they have a medical problem. As far as women having kids, if you can afford to take care of your kids, why should it even bother you? If you have a problem with the situation, do something to help.

I am speaking out about the west end community of town. Whenever there are gunshots fired in this community the police are always called out (sometimes the whole police force comes out). But I noticed the other day that on Plantation Drive there was a shooting and they offered a $2,000 reward. If they would offer an award in other areas, maybe we could get some help. The police department should reconsider offering rewards unless it is a community award being offered.

The reward was offered by the individual, not the police.