Speakout 8/27

Friday, August 27, 2004

I'm not a big fan of country music - never have been and never will be. But I do enjoy the rodeo. When the entertainers are announced, I try to familiarize myself with them. Blake Shelton was the only one this year who had anything recent out there that I could find, and that wasn't much. I only knew who Chris Cagle was because he had been there before. Big deal. I also know it costs money to get these entertainers, but can't you at least get someone we know and someone we can relate to? Attendance was way down this year and, after what I heard, I can understand why. It seems to me that if the SEMO Fair and Show Me Center an afford top entertainers, then why can't you?

This is in regards to the tipping situation. I am a single mother of three children and work as a car hop. I save all the loose change I receive, even if it is only a penny. Thanks to the generous people who decide to leave a tip, even if it is only 10 cents, it adds up. After working three days a week, I was able to save over $100, all in change, and was able to get my two girls two pairs of jeans, shoes and four outfits apiece. It was all worth every penny spent.

I buy old coins. Call (573) 887-3744.

Mike, your Aug. 19 editorial was pretty good about the Division of Children's Services, so here's my view. If the newspaper editors and TV and radio station managers or so-called reporters would report what they know, and would follow up on cases that are laid in their laps, a lot of things may change for our helpless children. But as long as you all are spineless, our children will suffer. Mike, you have the printing press. The TV and radio stations have cameras and microphones. All I ask is that you investigate and tell the world the truth about the Division of Children's Services, the judges and the juvenile officers. You just might make a difference. Investigate, investigate, investigate.

Whoever the Democrat is that is always hollering about the rich Republicans, most of them I know are just like us, middle class and working. I don't know who all these rich Republicans are. I wish you'd tell me. I don't know of they are comparing them to Mrs. Heinz, the Kennedys, Edwards or who. Who is richer than them? Just tell me.

To whoever said "Keep up the good work," thanks to Mike Marshall, a lot of us Section 8 people are not trashy and we do not have code violations. You people need to learn what you are talking about. Go down through other cities in towns and look at code violations and trash and scum. But there are a lot of us who are disabled and have children and are not able to afford our own place. Section 8 is there to help us. You people need to get a life, go to church and learn the laws. Everybody has a right to how they live, but likeI said, a lot of us are not trashy people and a lot of us just need a little help. Maybe one day this caller will need help and somebody like us will turn on them.