Speakout 9/10

Friday, September 10, 2004

Why do the kids have to buy the regular lunch if they want the a la carte? That's the purpose of it to get the a la carte. My granddaughter spent $25 this week trying to get what she wanted to eat. We can't afford that kind of money. Something needs to be done and it needs to be done now.

The public schools sent out letters to parents of children who are behind on their lunch money. The school doesn't send out any statements showing how much our kids owe or what. I am a parent who pays for my kid's lunches. I don't get free or reduced meals. The letter said the students who owe money will get peanut butter/jelly sandwiches and will not be served breakfast if you don't pay the money. I was overdue $5 and pay almost $100 a month for lunch for my kids. It is ridiculous for them to do this. They need to send statements to the parents. Someone could be stealing money from our kids and we'd never know it. How do I know if my child ate breakfast or lunch that day? The whole thing is ridiculous. Every week, they send notes home with our kids asking for donations for different things.

We contacted Sikeston Superintendent of Schools Steve Borgsmiller with your concerns. "Sikeston R-6 Schools contracted with Chartwells Dining Services to manage their food service program for the 2004-05 school year. The letter received by parents was from Chartwells and explained current operating policies that are in place for their daily operation of business. The District can assure parents that balance letters will be sent home as their child approaches the charge limit in the future. If a parent feels there is a problem with their child's account, they can contact the local Chartwells office at 472-8881 for a printout of money deposited and meals charged. Other general questions regarding meal services should also be directed to this number."

Whatever happened to the altar at the church? Now the people get in little prayer groups instead of using the altar.

You say in SpeakOut that you would never mention the name of a person or business if a negative remark is made. But you publish Bush and Kerry's names when negative remarks are made about them. What's the difference.

Politics. Area voters are trying to convey why they will or will not vote for the presidential candidates.