Speakout 2/20

Friday, February 20, 2004

I'm proud of the local police departments for doing the big drug raid. They got over 40 people without hurting anyone. Not a shot was fired. I'm proud of you for the great job. Here's a bigger issue. What can we do so all these people can have normal jobs and not be dealing in drugs and committing felonies? We don't need more people in jail, although if they're going to commit felonies, I'm all for the police.

Someone was asking in SpeakOut where Shawn is now. He used to work at the Market Place. He is my son and works at Piggly Wiggly in Miner now. Thanks for the compliment. I'm real proud of him and he's a second assistant manager at Piggly Wiggly and is still very courteous to his customers.

Well, it looks like the Democrats are going to run like a herd of buffaloes over a cliff and nominate a pretty boy from up north. Am I becoming cynical or did Bush start the war with Iraq so his friends, like those at Halliburton, could rebuild Iraq and make millions of dollars? I've seen very few politicians from Washington who seem truthful, saying only what most people want to hear at any given time. John McCain, however, does seem to be truthful and straightforward. People wonder why the economy won't get going, especially when interest rates are so low and new home construction is at record highs. It seems obvious to me (but not to the politicians) that what is worrying most people in the back of their minds, is that the federal government is running at record deficits with no end in sight. Governments, just like private citizens, can go bankrupt. Say what you will, but he brought us budget surpluses and the economy was really booming. A balanced budget, along with debt paydown, should be our first priority. This seems to be an entirely foreign concept to almost all Washington politicians.

When did it become legal for a 19-year-old man to sneak into someone's house and sleep with their 15-year-old daughter? It didn't.

The St. Louis Post-Dispatch quoted Betty Hearnes as saying that the reason Charleston has a drug problem is because of the lack of jobs here. Let's go back a few years to the prison when Betty was telling the people that the prison would bring many businesses and many more jobs. Where are they, Betty? All we have gotten from you is your handiwork, unsupervised prisoners doing street work and driving the city vehicles. Better wipe the egg off your face, Betty.

One thing that really bugs me about some people is that when they call, and I'm really busy, they want to know if I have anything to give them free for their family. Then when it comes to our family (who is in no better situation they are), they want to sell everything and not give anything to help. But they always want me to give everything for free.

I love the picture from the Sikeston Department of Public Safety, thanking the community for its confidence. Our community and newspaper should put a bigger picture so we can actually see their faces to show that we also appreciate them. I'm surprised the picture is so small. Can you put a bigger picture in there so everyone can see them?

Who is John Kerry trying to fool? He called himself a Vietnam War hero, yet when he returned from Vietnam, he threw his medals onto the steps of the Capitol building and joined the anti-war movement with Jane Fonda. He borrowed Bush's National Reserves record to be used politically, but in 1992 he said it was divisive to bring up one's war record, referring to draft-dodger Bill Clinton. His voting record as a senator is liberal against the death penalty in all instances and he is for abortion, gay rights and gun control. Kerry says he is against the war in Iraq, but he was for it just last year. Kerry also says he is against Bush's "No Child Left Behind Act," yet he voted for it. Who's he trying to fool. It sure isn't me. Listen to talk radio. They will give the kind of information you need.