Speakout 4/11

Sunday, April 11, 2004

They shut down Brothers Kickin', a liquor place where you could go to dance and stuff. Now there have been two shootings at the Gas-A-Mat parking lot. Is it because they won't shut down this place? Put a fence around it or post "no soliciting" signs up or something. Why can't the Charleston City Council or Police Department do anything about this? Is it because the mayor owns this property? But they sure put a stop to Brothers Kickin', didn't they?

Just another gripe about Sikeston. I used to live on Wilson Street and it is now in a very sorry shape. There is an old burned out house on that street and so much junk. The house on the north end is junk. I used to go there some. It used to be a fairly nice place but now it is a shame to let anything go bad as Wilson Street is here in Sikeston.

No structures in the March 17 Standard Democrat were shown for demolition on Wilson Street. Have you contacted Code Enforcement (471-2512)?

I am calling about a recent City Council meeting. It seems the City Council is still a little heavy-handed. They should notify people before issuing a regular summons. As far as jailing people for having a car that is not registered, this needs a lot of reconsideration. A lot of cases are mentioned in the paper where it is justifiable and makes sense. Hopefully they will reconsider that and come up with a better idea.

If anyone who builds single carports, please leave a number in SpeakOut and I will call you. I need to have one built.

I went to a fast-food restaurant the other day and noticed the man who was making my hamburger did not even have gloves on as he was fixing the burger. I mentioned this to the young lady and she said he was supposed to use gloves. He started to use a glove and after that, he left from fixing the burgers to go say hello to all his friends. People who prepare food need to be taught the proper hygiene. When you finish cooking, discard those gloves and use a new pair. The young lady at the window got an attitude and didn't even offer napkins to go with my order. If you're going to serve the public, then serve the public. Otherwise, find a different profession.