Speakout 10/7

Monday, October 8, 2001

I am looking for an address or a magazine to the U.S. Purchase Exchange catalog, I'd sure appreciate it if you would put it in the newspaper. I bought a product out of the catalog and it's a really good product. I need more, but don't have the address.

I'm looking for an independent Watkins dealer. I have a current catalog but I prefer not to order through the mail. Please leave your number in SpeakOut.

To the girl who lives in New Madrid and called family services on me about an incident where my son was spanked and hit only one time with a belt on his bottom for coming home two to three hours late in a thunderstorm, and we didn't know where he was, please think about your anonymous call that you made. Before you leave evidence of what you think is evidence, please get the facts before you call because it has caused problems with our family and with the school system because of an incident and situation that never happened. Please be sure of what you're seeing. It is discipline and not abuse.

I noticed in the SpeakOut column the other night that somebody said President Reagan and President Bush didn't have any trouble with the terrorists. It seems to me that maybe somebody has forgotten awful quick, but the way I remember it, President Bush was advised to go on and get Sadaam and he decided against it. That sounds to me like that was trouble with terrorists. And talking about trouble, it looks like trouble-maker Jesse Jackson is at it again. It also seems odd, I just heard it on the news, that Secretary Powell and Secretary Rice (coincidentally they are both African-Americans) failed to forbid Jesse Jackson from going over there. I wonder if they're afraid of getting him mad or something. He has no business going there or anyplace else representing in any way the United States. He is nothing and never has been anything but a trouble maker who lives off other people's wages.

I think the prisoners ought to have cable TV and I think it should be Charter's basic tier and they ought to have to watch it 24 hours a day. This way, I'm sure they will do everything in the world to get out of the penitentiary. With programming such as this, anyone would want to get out.

I see where Jesse Jackson wants to go to Afghanistan. Maybe they ought to let him go. Maybe they would castrate him.

I was wondering if MoDOT or anyone who might know a new route to the airport when they start working on Nash Road, how to get there from Sikeston.

From I-55 you will need to take Route K in Scott City to Route N then to Route AB.

Although we live in the state of Missouri whose premier state university of the Big 12 Conference, the best conference in the country, our local cable TV gave us five Big 10 games, four Southeastern Conference games and the Southwest Texas-Illinois State game. Plus we saw every Big 10 team except Wisconsin and only one Big 12 game, which had two teams. Why? I appreciate college football, but why are there so many foreign conference games and so few from the home conference?

Good question. You didn't say who your cable carrier is. Call your cable provider and ask to speak with someone who works in television programming.