Speakout 3/17

Wednesday, March 17, 2004

The March 4 Standard Democrat said Jerry Springer may move back to Cincinnati, Ohio, to help his friends in Ohio to run for the Senate this year. I keep up with Jerry. He needs to upgrade his moral character. A piece in the same article said the University of Cincinnati took a poll of Ohio to see what they thought of him running for office since they began tracking that information in 1989. It sounds like Springer has a lot of catching up to do.

It seems like the city government is getting just like the state and federal government now. They see the prospects of getting more money coming in and immediately they find a way to spend it. Instead of giving the fire and police personnel a raise, they create a new position which, I'm sure is not a cheap one. It just seems like as soon as they see the prospect of more money, they say, "Boy! We've got to find a way to spend it!"

This is to the low-down pervert who poisoned my Rottweiler in New Madrid. You may think you got by with this, but you didn't. If there is a heaven for dogs my dog will go to heaven but you will go to hell for what you did and the road may be a lot shorter than you think.

I dropped the keys to my husband's truck somewhere near Wal-Mart. My heart sank as I desperately tried to find them. I prayed and I thank the Lord for hearing and answering my prayer. Thank you from the bottom of my heart to the person who turned the keys into the customer service desk on March 6. Thanks again.

You turn the TV on and listen to the Democrats. All they have is hatred for Bush. I don't know how they're going to heal a country when they have so much hatred in them. They've been in there for eight years before Bush got in, and longer than that, but what did they do? He is trying. But, my goodness, how could you do anything when people hate you so? He's decent, honest and goes to church. I can't understand these church people who are so against him and a lot of them are getting more money now than they got before he was in there, from Medicaid and all that other stuff. No matter what Bush does, they never have a good word for him. They should pray for him instead of putting him down all the time.

Doesn't add up

My lawn mower is contributing to global warming and air pollution and the rockets that are burning tons of fuel on trips to space are posing no problem? Come, you clean air people. Get real.

There were more jobs going overseas when Clinton was President. I don't know what Kerry is thinking about. He's just barking up his own tree.

The law is making it OK for men to abuse women and children. We have been abused for several years. My ex-husband has beaten my child for spitting at her food and beat my ADHD child who was hyper because of lack of medication. I have asked for an order of protection - denied. I tried to press charges against him but was told he would only be fined. I am afraid to let my children go to school. I have contacted the abuse hotline and think there may finally be someone who can help me and my kids. The cops won't help. We don't even feel like we can trust the police because they won't help us. Laws need to be changed to protect families like mine.

Tuesday, March 19, 1991, 2 p.m., I was going for a ride to Cape. It wasn't a shopping trip or anything like that. I was in the back of an ambulance and was having a massive heart attack. The attendant could do nothing for me. I was vomiting, gasping for air and in intense pain. I had lost complete control. Things were beginning to look dark. I was losing consciousness; I was dying and I knew it. When you reach that moment in your life, be prepared.