Letter to the Editor

Your view: Vote for Bush

Friday, August 27, 2004

In letters that were published in March 2001 and February 2002, I shared with you a message that was received by the late Romanian prophet, Dumitru Duduman. In August 1991, it was claimed that the angel of God told Mr. Duduman that war with Iraq would restart, which would include America, that Israel would be involved in the war and that nuclear weapons would be used.

Well, war with Iraq and America did restart, however, the rest of the message would seem to have failed. Not so fast. In spring 2003, after what appeared to be a quick victory in Iraq, Mr. Duduman's grandson came on the radio and stated that the war in Iraq is not over. He has notes from the "angel's" message of August 1991. He apparently is right. A year has passed since that time and we are still at war.

I want to turn attention to one of the enemies we are fighting in Iraq: the Islamic fundamentalists loyal to Al-Sadr. This group, bin Laden's followers and hundreds of other groups, are all united in a purpose in that they want to destroy America. Although most are not willing to admit it, the governments of Syria and Iran support these people. Do these individuals have access to nuclear weapons to use against America and Israel? I believe the answer is yes.

I have a book by a former Russian military intelligence colonel, Stanislav Lunev. One of his jobs was to scout out places to hide nuclear suitcase bombs in America to be used against us in time of war. He wrote that there are many methods to get the bombs on American soil. One is to fire a missile containing the bomb from a submarine into a rural area, later to be retrieved by an agent. Another is to bring the bomb ashore at night by boat. A third way is to smuggle the bomb through Mexico by paying a smuggler, then immediately kill him when the bomb is received. I'm certain there are probably many other methods that are not mentioned.

People who know the inner working of al-Qaida now report that bin Laden has purchased nuclear suitcase bombs and, what is more chilling, he has paid former Soviet scientists to upgrade and refurbish them so they are presently active and ready to use.

If this is true, which I believe it is, has he enlisted Russian help to place the bombs in America? Many experts have noted the close ties between the former Soviets and bin Laden, although they were enemies during the Afghan War. Most people do not believe that the Islamic militants have nuclear weapons, or they would have already used them, due to their nature. I do not see it that way. Bin Laden is evil, but he is very intelligent and an excellent strategist.

After watching President Bush ignore the liberals and world opinion by invading Iraq, he knows the Middle East as we know it today would not exist if he set off nuclear explosions in American cities during Bush's term in office. It is a price that is far too great for him to pay, strategically.

However, given John Kerry's current position on the Iraq war and the willingness of Kerry to follow the lead of the United Nations (which, if you haven't noticed by now, is predominately anti-American), I feel that America will be attacked with an event that will make 9/11 pale in comparison.

The Iraq war could very well go nuclear, but be here on our own soil! If you will remember, one of the reasons stated by bin Laden for Sept. 11 was our sanctions on Iraq. I feel that there were ties between bin Laden and Saddam.

I will be voting for George W. Bush this November.

Scott Coatney