Speakout 4/19

Monday, April 19, 2004

We were supposed to have spring cleanup last week in East Prairie and I still see the neighbors' washers, dryers and stuff out in the yards. What is it going to take for the East Prairie people to pick up this stuff that was supposed to be done last week? If they can't do it, why don't they pay somebody a little bit of money and get it picked up? I'm tired of looking at it!

Spring clean-up was set for April 7 and 9. We spoke with Community Developer Lonnie Thurmond. "The residents really did a good job cleaning up their properties this year, so it's taking a little longer to get it done. It is a slow process. The solid waste company was overwhelmed with all the extra they have to pick up and it is going to take a little longer to complete. We have already hauled six commercial dumpsters now and more are coming in. We are not allowing more waste to be put out, but it's just taking a little longer to get the job done because everyone is doing such a good job in getting their stuff out for us to pick up. We just ask the residents of East Prairie to be patient."

I saw advertisements on TV about John Kerry raising taxes and then raising gasoline taxes. If he raised them $600 a year, he's not even close to what Bush is doing now to our people. Let's stand up against Bush and stop these high gasoline prices. It is ridiculous. We can do it and we need to get together and stop it.

The laws of the United States nationally down to the community level are now so draconian, outlawing every nitpicky thing, people are so dumbed down and doped up. The sole focus of this country now is in setting up in domestic and foreign spy networks surveillance in empire buildings in every poor and exploited country of the world that creativity and individualism is virtually dense in the United States, and the opportunities for it ever to revive are decreasing every day, especially from efforts of people like you and our city council and on up to the national level.

Does anyone have fresh polk greens for sale? If so, please leave your number in SpeakOut.

I read the SpeakOut article about Dorm School Services, which is a company that provides transportation for disabled children in state schools as well as public schools nationwide. However, the name was incorrect in SpeakOut. The correct name is Durham School Services.