Speakout 4/27

Tuesday, April 27, 2004

We are tired of Missouri Avenue being used as a race track. Four-wheelers and motorcycles are coming and going on this street, being "tested." One of these days, one of our children are going to get hit and we don't appreciate it.

This is concerning the SpeakOut comment about slumlords. We're not slumlords. It's the people of Section 8 have given permission and are paying with taxpayer money to get people into these houses to tear them up and then you have to pay thousands of dollars to get them repaired. Yet you're going to call us slumlords? They don't clean the houses or yards. I had a house and the tenants tore holes in the walls to hide dope in them. You can't see that. All you talk about is what you see on the outside. We elected you and now you're bringing us down? I resent it! I resent the hell out of it!

When I was a little girl in grade school, the teacher told us to be sure to bathe, wash your hair and wear clean clothes each day. A neighbor came to our house after I got home and was very mad about what the teacher said. My mother told her she wasn't mad because she knew the teacher wasn't talking about her. So, if the landlords don't want to be called slumlords, don't be one.

I have a project for State Rep. Peter Myers. As you go around town today, look at all the old gas stations that are just sitting there empty. Nobody can use them because they might be polluted and nobody wants to buy polluted property or have problems with the Environmental Protection Agency. So why don't you work out legislation with the state and federal government for people if they wanted to buy a used gas station, clean it up a little bit and turn it into an office building or snack store or something where they wouldn't be held liable for pollution caused by owners before them. That way, we could use buildings instead of having them just sit there empty.

To the person driving the school bus on Missouri Avenue at 7:30 a.m. each day. Quit blowing your horn. If the child isn't out there waiting on you, drive on by. Don't bother everybody else with your noise.

To the caller who wants us to quit complaining, I invite you to come to the area of Ruth, Agnes and South West streets and then call us "unimportant" people and see what your priorities are. Be with our officers when there is a disturbance and they are called to deal with people whose elevators don't go all the way up. They have to deal with stupid, childish behavior to make sure you and I are safe. I thank God every day for His goodness and ask Him to give our officials wisdom in dealing with these stupid things that are happening over here and all over town.

In response to "Hero or criminal" in the April 21 edition, I don't think the man in Florida should be charged. Just like the woman in Kansas City, he did a very heroic act and I think he should be recognized for what he did. I'm sorry that someone was killed but the victim doesn't need to be treated like a criminal. He should get the justice he deserves.