Speakout 9/9

Thursday, September 9, 2004

I am calling about the Medicaid system. They give it to you for a dentist but you can't go anywhere around town to see a dentist. There is never a dentist there when you call SEMO Health Network. New Madrid, SEMO Health, there's never a dentist there. I have a 9-year-old grandson who can't be seen because he has a Medicaid card. He has bad teeth and nobody wants to treat him. What's wrong with this system? Why can't they get a dentist who will treat children who have a Medicaid card?

Dentists with the SEMO Health Network are in both offices during the week. Call 471-4167 in Sikeston or (573) 748-5671 in New Madrid for information or to make an appointment. The new dental facility will open in September in the River Birch Mall in Sikeston. SEMO Health Network accepts walk-ins and will serve patients who have Medicaid, Medicare and private insurance; and also offers a sliding fee program for people who have no insurance. Also, you can call Dr. William Dillon at 471-4335. His office accepts Medicaid patients and new patients are being accepted.

I want to SpeakOut about the health care and prescription plan that President Bush has in place for the poor and elderly. Why should he get us a better one? He has his made. He doesn't care about the poor. All he wants to do is be president and get up there and smirk and make fun of people. He could have gotten a better health and prescription plan for the poor and elderly if he had wanted to. The one he has isn't worth the paper it's written on. He lies about everything. I don't trust him or Cheney, either one. They are both liars. We will have war right here in the U.S. if Bush is reelected. If he had to live on a low income every month and pay medical bills like we do, he would gripe too. And, Mr. Jensen, that goes for you too. You're always talking about Medicare and Medicaid. Put yourself in some of these poor elderly people's place. I don't agree with half of what you write. Some of it I start to read but it seems like the same stuff, so I don't even finish reading it because I know what you're going to say.

Your readers need to know that in Sudan, they are capturing Christians and some black Christians are used as slaves. We do not allow slavery. We need to figure out a policy to stop this. Maybe we should send the Germans and the French in to solve this problem.

We were unable to understand your entire comment because your cell phone had a bad connection with a lot of static and cutting out.

I watched the summer Olympics and would like to congratulate all the athletes who got to compete from all over the world. I was disappointed in the U.S. athletes who won the gold. Most of them did not sing or put their hand over their heart when the American flag was being raised and our National Anthem played. This is sad. They need to learn the words.