Letter to the Editor

Your view: Land theft

Monday, December 8, 2003

In the Nov. 21 article regarding the St. James District, I noticed that wetlands are valued at $1,800 per acre. Well, in 1990 I was notified having 7.9 acres of wetlands, which figures almost 6.6 percent of my small 120-acre farm.

This 7.9 acres happened to be yet in timber, but every inch, if cleared, would be as farmable as any other of my small holding. Other than two small donnicks, a five-acre block of it is the highest and driest portion of this farm.

I have not received even one cent in compensation for this legal (?) thievery. I can look at it; I think I am allowed to walk on it; I am "privileged" to pay taxes on it.

I tried to ask my senator about this a few years ago and the rascal uttered some cock and bull and turned tail and ran like a rabbit. Had I found one of the thieves?

Somebodies from among the politi-"iosis," the "Corpse" of Engineers, the "Conversation" Department and/or the "Farmers Welfare Office" should be in the penitentiary over this.

Joe Brown,

Bell City