Speakout 9/26

Sunday, September 26, 2004

Do you, like a lot of us, wonder how much Kerry-Heinz paid that old secretary to be on "60 Minutes?" The guy who gave them the old documents about President Bush's Guard time is an old guy admitting a huge grudge against the Guard. The ones who should be interviewed on CBS are the Swift Boat Vets. There's where the facts are and they know it. Maybe the one who put the medical records he wrote himself on the air, you know the one, who lied about getting the Purple Heart, is Kerry. Why don't we hear this stuff? Let's see Kerry's record. Also, John Edwards. What did he ever do? They have to keep trashing one of the few decent and honest people we have in government. How sad. How do we go about contacting CBS and 60 Minutes and ask them why they don't interview them?

Someone called in about President Bush letting an ayatollah command our troops. I don't know what they're talking about; I haven't read the story. But I do know that not only does this person sound racist, but any one person, no matter who they are, no matter what their skin color and no matter where they're from, if President Bush decided to put them in power over a certain amount of troops, they are worthy of doing it. They are qualified because he said they were. I'm sure, furthermore, that whatever decisions they make regarding American troops, Bush is watching. It's not like he just made someone king. Those comments are ridiculous and bordering on racism.

I don't know who Ron Greenlee or E. Ayers, but that class is right in with W.T. Woods and Heckemeyer. Both are liberal.

To the person who called in stating that the Red Cross charged for coffee in October 1944, were you there or is this a continuation of a rumor where people do not want to give to the Red Cross. I was not there, but just this month, the American Red Cross has done so much to help the hurricane victims as well as still doing regular Red Cross activities, including blood donations. But because you say they charged 50 cents for a cup of coffee, they are bad? If you were there I'm sure you went for the free coffee. I am sure that the American Red Cross, as well as the Salvation Army, have had great expenses in the last few weeks. I would challenge everyone who reads this to send a donation to either organization. And, yes, I have already made my donation to the American Red Cross.

I have lived in this wonderful place called Sikeston for a few years and have lived in other places as well (St. Louis, Chicago and Los Angeles). Nowhere other than here have I found it so difficult to have a dead dog's remains cleaned off the street and not being able to have a pizza delivered due to the place I live or a street light fixed on the corner of Murray Lane and Branum streets. When I called, I was told that because of where I live, the street light would be put out (shot out) as fast as it is put in. This is the place I call "home."

I truly feel that I am living at the funny farm. Bush is the first president in 72 years who has lost jobs during his four years. Isn't that great? Our employment rate is decreasing. Could it be that many have exhausted all benefits or have given up looking for jobs in despair? Let us just look at the jobs created and ignore those lost during the same time period. That sure makes things look better, doesn't it? After eight years of the best stock markets of all times, we must be thankful for poor returns on investments, low or no return on our 401Ks, Roth's, CDs, etc. Thanks, George. How about those health care costs? Watch them rise, isn't that great? The fact that our relations and the good will of other countries have gone to pot is of no concern. Right? After all, we have a president who can talk tough and will whip other countries into line, won't he? In four years we have invaded a sovereign nation (bad as it was) and who's next? If we give Bush four more years, he should be able to beat that paltry record. When Bush came into office the budget was balanced and we had a surplus. Now the national debt is skyrocketing. So what! It's just a bunch of numbers and we never understood it anyway. Right? Maybe it is like credit cards. When we max one out, we just get another one. It makes sense that the more people killed as a result of Bush's actions, the more moral and the greater Christian he becomes. Right? And the band plays on as we lemmings merrily march over the cliff following Bush.

Welcome to the "me" generation. I don't want commercial and housing developments and undesirable people living next to me. I see nothing wrong in the killing of live, unborn, unwanted babies and using their stem cells to cure me and my family. Hail to me! (Did I misspell "hell?")