Speakout 9/21

Tuesday, September 21, 2004

Claire McCaskill claimed Gov. Bob Holden was circumventing the intent of campaign contribution limits by accepting $400,000 from the local Democratic Party Committee. Now she's doing the same thing Holden did. She has received $470,591 in contributions and campaign services from 29 local party committees. Matt Blunt, the Republican nominee, fails to devote the divulge the occupation of his recent donations in his Campaign Finance Report. They are supposed to give back the donations if he doesn't furnish information. I have come to the conclusion you can't trust any of the politicians. They are all liars; one is no better than the other.

I just read about the fall cleanup. Will you put a list in there of what they will pick up? It looks like they're not picking up anything that I can put out there.

According to the information provided by City Hall, which was published in the Standard Democrat, the clean-up is the same as before. Call city hall at 471-2512 if you have any questions.

They should fire Dan Rather for what he is doing to Bush. If he's going to investigate, he should investigate both of them. Kerry is in worse shape than him. Any soldier I knew in World War II (and I knew a few and saw a few funerals), if he won all those medals honestly, he wouldn't have thrown them away because most boys are honored to get them because they didn't have much to show for what they did (they didn't draw that much money then). He couldn't have won two medals in one day and never have been wounded. I think they should fire him and KFVS should take him off the air if he can't be fair with anything when he's giving the news.

The political overload that Mike Jensen put in the paper was one of the nicest comments anyone could write; also the one about the presidential race. Whoever wrote that really told the truth and I think it should be published more than once.

Why isn't there a skate park for skate boarding in Sikeston. You see young people skate boarding in parking lots. If the City of Sikeston can build a recreational park, why not a skate boarding park?

My husband was replacing an air conditioner belt on his Freightliner at 2:39 on Sunday. On Tuesday, he received a ticket from Miner saying he failed to signal on two occasions at 2:39. This is scary. If a vehicle fails to signal on two occasions, why wasn't the vehicle stopped? They tell me it is $55 for something my husband didn't even do. How can a police officer just sit in his vehicle and run plates and mail tickets? It is wrong to watch someone do something wrong one time. It should be enough to stop them, much less watch them two times and not stop the vehicle. Shouldn't they stop the vehicle and see who is driving?

Since SpeakOut is not a law enforcement agency, your question should be directed to the Miner Police Department. Ask to speak with an administrative officer.