Letter to the Editor

Your view: Look to future

Sunday, February 1, 2004

There has been a lot of discussion in the paper over the past few weeks about the management of the city's money. I will not rehash the past because neither you nor I can changed what has happened. However, we can take positive actions for the future.

We are at a growth crossroad. A vote "yes" for the tax increase is for today and the future of our city. The Council has attempted to meet the citizens' needs, which is a big expense. We can either cut services or find new sources of revenue.

The taxes are really about: 1. Future needs for our families, higher education, safety and health; 2. Distributing the cost of operation to everyone who shops in our city; 3. employment - to attract new businesses means we must show progress in many areas because potential employers look for facilities to do additional training, an intact growing educational system and a clean city.

As much as we would like to do all of these things, they do not come cheap. To offset part of the tax increase we will decrease the city portion of the property tax by 21 percent, thereby giving everyone an opportunity to help the city pay its bills.

In spite of the discussions in the paper, we "eagle-eye" our budget just like you do your household or business budget. When there is a need to keep them going, you get a second job or you solicit additional business. The city does not have that privilege; our income is through the dirty word, "taxes."

Sue Rogers

Sikeston City Council