Speakout 2/2

Monday, February 2, 2004

Josh Bill, why don't you shut up? If you put as much effort in finding a job as you did causing problems for the city, you would be gainfully employed by now. You say the city is running scam. What about cars for corn? Just because you're miserable, stop trying to make everyone else miserable.

The mayor and City Council, in their rebuttal to Mr. Bill's comment regarding the wage increases for the city manager and city clerk provided some rather lame excuses for the large amount of pay increases. The City of Cape Girardeau has a population of approximately 35,000 and the City of Sikeston has a population of nearly 17,000. Scott County has a county clerk that has similar responsibilities as those of the Sikeston city clerk. Did the mayor and council go shopping to find a comparison that met their agenda? I support the tearing down of the dilapidated houses in Sikeston and would vote to fund this portion of the proposed tax increase. I think the mayor and City Council are sincere in their efforts to make Sikeston a better community, but they are asking for too large of an increase for too long of a period.

About 25 or 30 years ago, Sikeston started peppering the town of New Madrid with sale bills, "Come to our town and shop." People started going to Sikeston to shop, to eat, to do just about everything. Pretty soon, the business places in New Madrid started closing. Now the people of Sikeston are saying, "You stupid people. You come in to our town, you use our streets, drink our water, pay for our services, buy our wares and now we will make you pay," as if they haven't been paying sales tax all along. Now you want to make them really pay some sales tax. Well, I recall there is another little town, not too far away. I've heard they have some pretty nice stores there. I think the people of New Madrid need to discover that little town. I'm one of those who go to a pharmacy outside of town. Maybe I should get reacquainted.

I was wondering about the 21 percent decrease in property tax if the 1-cent sales tax is approved. Does that cover your real estate or just personal property? Please answer this question.

The decrease will be for real estate and personal property taxes.

I have a question on the subject of the 1-cent tax proposal in the upcoming election in Sikeston. This is concerning the 21 percent reduction on property taxes. My question is, how long will this reduction last? Will it run the full 10 years, the same as the tax increase, or just long enough to get the vote to pass the tax increase? I would like to know before I vote.

I am calling about the statewide election set for Tuesday. You registered voters need to get out there and vote. We have a good man, John Kerry of Massachusetts. He is the best Democrat I've seen in a long time running for this office and I'd like to see him win the primary.

I would like to say thank you to the City Council for finally addressing Mr. Bill's blatant attacks on City of Sikeston's officials. It's about time someone expose this gentleman for what he is, a modern-era Captain Aham obsessed with his own vision of the great white whale. I believe if I had that much time on my hands, I'd at least try to get my facts straight. But that wouldn't be nearly as much fun, would it, since the truth is often dull and uninteresting.

This is concerning the letters to the editor by Hope Terrell and Bill Mitchell. Amen! This needed to be said and it was said very well by these two people. I thank them and hope everyone will take to heart what they said. Sikeston definitely needs this sales tax increase.

I would like to respond to Josh Bill's letter to the editor. Mr. Bill seems very concerned about the spread of Section 8 housing into other areas of the city. Is his concern the decrease in property values to existing properties in those neighborhoods or the possible cosmetic impact on those areas? While this concern is very civic minded, I question his ability to pass judgment. He proposes to open "high end mini-storage" behind my hard earned property. This will undoubtedly decrease its value and have a deleterious cosmetic effect. How are these two positions reconciled? The Section 8 landlords are trying to make money albeit at the expense of some of the citizens of Sikeston. I wonder how Mr. Bill differs?

As for me and my family, we are voting "no" on this new tax. I think they need to start at the top and take some of the salaries of these big-paid people and cut some of their salaries.

In regards to the Jan. 25 paper about Hope Terrell and Bill Mitchell, praise you, praise you, praise you is all I can say. As a former resident of Sikeston I moved because of all the unrest in Sikeston. I raised my children in Sikeston and they went to Sikeston schools, but I held my breath and prayed the whole time. Now I have the opportunity to raise my grandchildren in a small town where they are safe. I'm not being objective. I was there when Josh Bill was mayor and a councilman and Hope Terrell hit it on the head. Sikeston, go forward. Sikeston, think. Sikeston, quit being greedy and take care of all your residents so you don't lose any more families. Just go forward and quit your arguing.

I would like to say thanks to Josh Bill for his information regarding the City of Sikeston's financial situation. I think he has provided a lot of information that will help voters make a decision on the proposed tax increase.

In answer to a SpeakOut in the Jan. 27 paper about "Good going," commending Josh Bill, and said they would like to know about city officials' Christmas bonus for all employees, to set the record straight, I have worked at BMU for 14-15 years and BMU has never given out Christmas bonuses. People need to check their sources and get the facts before calling in.

In response to "Good going" about Josh Bill talking about the city's finances. I am a city employee and I didn't get a Christmas bonus. I would like to know who's getting bonuses and who's not?

I read in the Southeast Missourian where the Cape city manager declined a pay raise because of a tight budget.