Speakout 12/14

Sunday, December 14, 2003

A ring was found by a bellringer with the Salvation Army recently. If the ring was meant to be a donation, we certainly appreciate the generosity of the giver. If the ring was lost and the owner would like to claim it they can call 471-2550.

Attention farmers in Scott and Mississippi counties. I do feel sorry for you having to get up at the break of day and work until midnight with not so much as a thank you, plus not having benefits, health insurance, no overtime, come home to a run down farmhouse to a stack of bills you cannot pay. You know I'm actually talking about the people who actually do the farming - the farmhands, who you farmers refer to as "the help." And now you so-called farmers (and I use the term loosely) are the ones on the school board, board of directors at the bank or man of the year or young farmer of the year, one would think you're the biggest giant on the welfare system that there is. You can't lose. If you don't make it, the government is going to give it to you anyway. You get a check from every bank from A to Z and guess who's paying for it? The taxpayers. People like me who work every day for a paycheck, trying to make a living, and you have the nerve to put people down because they're on welfare. By the way. People are tired of hearing your whining and crying about how bad times are for poor old farmers. If you don't like it, get a real job with a weekly paycheck. P.S., farmers, if you need help with your heating bills, food and clothing for Christmas, leave your name and telephone number in SpeakOut and I will see that you get help. Signed, Santa

Why can't a drugstore in Sikeston honor their sale papers? I have been out there the same day of the sale and on other days during the sale period, but can't get anything that they advertise on sale. I get all my prescriptions filled there. Why can't they honor their sales?

We cannot name the drugstore you're referring to, however, you should call and speak with the store manager.