Speakout 4/30

Tuesday, April 30, 2002

Once again, our friend Wayne Corse has won the 5K won at the Dogwood-Azalea Festival. He's been the local winner for years and years now, and it seems to me it's time for a new young buck to take Wayne's place. Come on, now. Wayne's in his 50s and is still the fastest man in Charleston. Isn't there anybody in their 20s who can outrun Wayne? Come on, guys. Why'd you practice for a year for and beat Wayne? It looks like he's just too tough for you? Come on. Who can stand up and do the job?

I would like to SpeakOut about people who come to a restaurant and demand special treatment, extra everything and help themselves to a purse full of free condiments such as Equal, Coffeemate, etc. I bet they never got any of these items. Only women do this. My Bible says this is plain and simple stealing. We know who you are, ladies.

I'm calling in response to the "Bad for business," when a person complained about a club member in Sikeston. Jealousy is an evil thing that will eat at you constantly. I feel very sorry for you for many reasons. First, you believe a man wears the pants in a marriage. Marriage is an equal partnership. And you believe you everything you hear or are told and last, you are not secure enough to confront the person who offends you.

The employees at a Sikeston grocery store deli wear gloves, as they should when they get your breakfast food. But they leave those same gloves on to make change. Don't they realize how dirty and germy money is? Yuk!

I'm calling in response to the April 23 SpeakOut about the woman who is loud an belligerent in a club at a private club. Yes, we all know exactly who you're talking about and we appreciate your concern in the paper because it is of concern to a lot of us who go in there. Yes, if you and I would act the way she acts, we would be barred. I just wanted you to know you're not alone.

This is regarding the two things about the robbery at U-Pump It. I agree that they do need to give credit as far as the former officers Tom and Leroy, however, what about the woman who was robbed? If it weren't for her, also, they wouldn't have gotten caught and they wouldn't have recovered the money that was stolen in the first place.