SpeakOut 6/10

Monday, June 10, 2002

Call 471-6636

On one hand, the police go down in Sunset and dodge bullets and beer bottles and bricks. On the other hand, they don't stop too many blacks for speeding through town and running red lights because we don't want to be accused of racial profiling.

This to the person looking for a library to use. They can use the Riverside Regional Library in Benton. They may need a copy of their tax receipt to show they live in that section. The library will then issue a card and allow you to use the facility. That happened to me and I was able to get a card and do whatever I needed there.

Here is a man with a vision. Missouri's Honorable Attorney General John Ashcroft rejected the FBI's request $58 million, which included 149 new counter-terrorism field agents, 200 new analysts and 54 new translators on Sept. 10, 2001. How ironic that on Sept. 11 we had the Saudis attacking America, and Mr. Ashcroft did nothing - nothing when he had the chance.

I'm sick and tired of these crybaby farmers complaining about how hard their life is. If you can't make it on the farm, come into town and get a minimum wage job like everybody else does. You can get a job in a fast-food place or a nursing home. Then you could appreciate how nice life is out of the farm. But stop your complaining.

Why are the streets of Sikeston in such bad shape? There are holes everywhere? What's wrong? Why can't these be fixed? There's one hole so bad at the intersection of East Malone and Broadway that you could lose a large animal in there.

Why isn't the city fixing some of these potholes in town? I'm talking about areas like Ingram Road, Dona, Broadway and several other streets? There are such big holes, they'll knock your car out.

Why is the mail delivered so late in Miner Monday through Friday and on Saturday, we have it before noon?

According to the Sikeston Post Office, one carrier delivers your mail through the week and another one has your route on Saturdays.

I hope everyone sees this in SpeakOut. To the men who should be going home after work but go someplace they're not supposed to be, you're going to get caught because someone will rat you out.