Speakout 8-11

Sunday, August 11, 2002

All up and down the interstate, where they have built overpasses, there are a lot of pockets that have water and mosquitoes swarming. Is the highway department going to take care of that? They created the problem. With these pockets holding water, what are they going to do about it. The West Nile Virus and these mosquitoes is going to kill us all, I guess.

I'm calling about this black material you get to put like over a dog pen or whatever that repels water and is used for shade and water can't go through it. I think it's manufactured by DeWitt. I've seen several people using it. Where can I buy it?

Call the DeWitt Company at 472-0048 and ask for sales.

I'm calling about the East Prairie kindergarten playground. I went to review it because my granddaughter is starting there in a couple of weeks. There is an area by there that is not fenced, it's open, which, to me, could be a hazard for boys and girls going there, with all these kidnappings and things going on. The school board may want to review that area and maybe keep a child from running out onto the road or something.

I'm calling about the slumlords in this town. I was at my sister's house today and her landlord arrived with a notice to raise her rent an extra $200 per month after she and her husband have been living there for eight solid years, they remodeled the house front to back with their own money. The owner told them if they could not pay the extra money, that he would get more money from Section 8 government housing. He told them he wishes they would just move, that way he could put it on Section 8 and could earn more money. The owner would not fix anything, so my sister and her husband did the repairs themselves. That's what's wrong in this town now. If you move into a rental house, don't fix it up because the landlord will pull it right from under you and put it on Section 8 so government welfare can have it.

If your mate is gone due to death or divorce, it's sad and it hurts. Nothing can change yesterday. We can only go forward. One part of our life is gone. A new chapter begins. Join us for a brighter tomorrow. We meet at 7 p.m. Friday nights at Bethel Baptist Church, 128 Fifth St. in Sikeston. Maybe you can put a smile on our face or make us laugh again.

I'm calling about the person who criticized the cashier who wore a scarf on her head. I find many times in the Sikeston and Southeast Missouri area that people get concerned about stupid things, little things, like somebody's long hair or if somebody has a bald head, etc. They'll make a big thing about the stupidest of things. Many times, you'll find that, appearance-wise, things can be deceiving. Many times it's been short-haired citizenry in this town and well-to-do ones that have been the scalawags and law breakers. So let's not jump to conclusions when we talk about someone's long hair or the scarf on their head, whatever the deal is. You'll find many times it's the other way around. Like the caller said, this cashier may have been on chemotherapy for all you know. Let's grow up, Sikeston.