Speakout 9/20

Monday, September 20, 2004

If John McCain runs for President in 2008, we may find ourselves watching ads by Hanoi Hilton Veterans for Truth, saying that Lieutenant McCain shot down his own plane over North Vietnam.

I thought it was against the law to litter, but on Highway 62 in Mississippi County, I guess we've got some who don't know how to use a trash can or litter bag inside their cars.

Today's scholars, ex-generals and experts on the Middle East discussed how the insurgents in Iraq have already won the war. They are candid about how the real reason for the continued violence at the level we witness today is because of the presence of American troops. They point out the statistics that show a steady increase in the success of the insurgency and the areas they totally control. They admit the only solution to the violence is the total withdrawal of American forces. But here at home, in the middle of a presidential debate, we talk about what the Bush campaign has decided to use as the next distraction from what is real to all our lives. They tell us that 1,000 lives is not so many when compared to other wars. What they don't want us to hear is that those 1,000 lives didn't have to be sacrificed at all. What they don't want us to hear is that the war in Iraq will go down in history as the biggest foreign policy mistake ever made by the United States. If you didn't hear this information on your nightly newscast, then you're not being given all the truth.

How can they take pictures of bin Laden, but the can't find him? What's the big deal here. Is he in a hole someplace where they can dig him out right before election? Or is it going to be like Saddam Hussein? They dug him out, or did they have him located? Please let us know.

The Bible says you will reap what you sow. How does Jeb Bush feel about these hurricanes that are wreaking havoc on his state? Could it is possibly be because of the way the 2000 election was carried out in his state. I was just wondering about this and am curious to know if anyone else has thought about it. I have never seen where the majority loses and that is exactly what happened when Al Gore ran against George W. Bush, whether you agree or not.

You know, Mike, we Christians (both Republican and Democrat) are all going to be voting for the devil. We're going to be voting against the Lord if we vote for Cheney with his believing in same-sex marriage. That's just not right.

To the grandmother who called about her 15-year-old granddaughter who recently had a baby and now they're trying to keep the baby's father away, for her information, it takes two people to make a baby. She had to have been doing the same thing the 17-year-old boy was doing. You need to concentrate on keeping the girl at home so she doesn't come up pregnant again, for us taxpayers to support her and her children with welfare. Don't just blame the boy. Blame your granddaughter and your daughter for letting her daughter run the streets.

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