Speakout 12/19

Friday, December 19, 2003

Did Jesus ever utter a word about homosexuality? I don't think He did. It was more of a common thing in the Greek world. If someone cares passionately about someone else, whether that involves sexual activity or not, it is nobody's business but theirs. But if someone falls passionately or cares passionately for them, who are we or anyone to say that person should be of the opposite sex? That is none of our business or the church's business either. I think this is another modern issue that's been brought up by church people who want to control everybody else. If someone wants to legitimize that relationship with a legal document, what business is it of ours? Let them do that. It's not hurting anybody else. The churches try to intrude in the private lives of people. It's just a way of trying to dominate everybody for church leaders. It's usually a church leader issue and has nothing to do with the essential teachings of Christ, which are how you treat your fellow man. Right?

We just dedicated the Bill Emerson Memorial Bridge in Cape Girardeau. Just because we have a new bridge doesn't mean we have to drive crazy. I would like to see the Missouri Department of Transportation set the speed limit at 45 mph for all vehicles. We have a beautiful bridge. Just think of all the hard-earned tax money it took to build it. Drivers in Southern Illinois and Southeast Missouri need to think about it. Don't be like the car dealer and try to get to Cairo from Cape in 15 minutes. I hope you want to live a little longer than that. If they set the speed limit at 45 mph, that will be plenty fast, you'll get there just as good and you might be in a whole lot better shape, your vehicle might stay in better shape and your nerves will be in a better shape too.

In the Dec. 14 paper you again commented on where the veteran's home is that was mentioned in an article a few weeks ago. The call-in was about the fact that the writer did not put in enough facts in the story to tell people where it was at. Your answer was that the home is in Cape Girardeau. Why don't you straighten this paper up and give the facts so people will know what you're talking about.

The story was written by a reporter with the Southeast Missourian. We printed his story as he wrote it. True, the article did not specify the city where the home is located and we provided that information to you in SpeakOut.