SpeakOut 9/24

Tuesday, September 24, 2002

Call 471-6636

These big super stores keep putting out the little stores. You spend your money there, but when you want to return an item, they want to give you a gift card instead of money, so you have no choice but to spend your money with them. Is this legal, when you give them cash for your original purchase, then return the item and they refuse to give you cash in return? They put smaller business out of business so you have to do business with them anyway. This is about like communism. It's closer and closer. Is it legal?

I am looking at the front page of the Sept. 11 paper. I am so very disappointed that just the common articles are on the front page. This is a special day of remembrance. Who cares about the squabble at Miner? Who cares today about the focus on the county jail? I feel that you could have done better about remembering this day and not putting it as just an ordinary front page affair. I think you could have done better than that. I love this paper and I would not want to go without it, but I just had to SpeakOut. To me, you did not give honor to this day of all days.

We tried to honor the spirit of Sept. 11 by devoting an entire section to it, rather than just one article or one page. We hope you took time to read it.

I'm calling about nosy people. Two weeks ago I was in a doctor's office and there was a young person from East Prairie who had adopted a baby. We were having a conversation. Another woman walked in and said to her, "Oh, I didn't know you had another baby." The lady's response was, "Yes, this is my baby. She is 10 months old." The nosy lady responded, "So, when did you have her?" The baby's mother looked at her and said, "Look, I told you this is my baby." What I'm saying is this. If someone tells you that that's their baby, leave it alone. There are a lot of people in foster care and a lot of people who are adopted. They don't want to put their business out on the street. I applaud the lady for the way she handled you, Miss Nosy, for trying to get in her business.

I would like to SpeakOut about the article that was in the paper about Miner and their meeting. The police chief said he does what the board says and not the residents, he doesn't care anything about what they have to say. All I call tell him is, we'll see him at the polls.

I would like to SpeakOut about the World Trade Center. Why rehash 9/11 over and over again? We've heard it. Why keep going on about it. One or two hours is enough, but all day long on TV? Who's fault is it? Bush and Cheney. The warmonger should read his Bible and stop a lot of things he has caused in the U.S. Clinton might have been a whoremonger, but at least he kept peace and a lot of lives were saved and not killed. Look at all the people who have lost their lives since Bush has been in office. Can't blame Clinton for what Bush is doing. There is a lot of talk about the people who lost their lives in the World Trade Center, but nothing about the soldiers who have gone overseas and lost their lives. Shame on the U.S.!

I lost a cell phone. If anyone finds one, please call (573) 683-4895. There will be a reward for its return.