Speakout 4/22

Thursday, April 22, 2004

To the person who has Betty Crocker point coupons, call us at the school at 667-5000. We thank you so much.

I'm calling about the Betty Crocker point coupons. I am saving them for my grandson in Wichita, Kan. My number is 471-8182.

I am interested in the Betty Crocker point coupons. My number is 471-0391.

Mike Marshall, now that the April election is over, I would like to speak to you about Sikeston. Sikeston has a lot of land annexed north of the railroad on North Main Street (hundreds of acres). They have talked and talked about industry and are supposed to be getting a new Industrial Development man. I live in Morehouse but my wife and I both worked in Sikeston and I feel like I live there. Concentrate on getting industry built out there. Somebody has to pay taxes on all that land. It looks like you would want to get it developed and the quicker the better.

Go back to Dec. 7, 1941, when Japan surprised Pearl Harbor with an attack. Was there a Pearl Harbor Commission to discuss and investigate possible neglect in intelligence maybe a couple of years later? Of course not. Did the opposing political party criticize the president at that time for the U.S. going to war with Japan, Germany and Italy? No. Go back to March 12, 1947. President Truman asked Congress to debate Greece and Turkey combating Communist terrorism. It was approved May 15 of that year. Did the opposing party criticize Truman for not getting UN approval? No. You see, we're in an election year. The opposite party of the President is playing political hardball by a far different set of rules, which would make Roosevelt and Truman roll over in their graves.

To Mr. Bush and his supporters, Bush announced a bold initiative to support Israel and giving the Palestinians the desert and keeping the garden for themselves. The Arabs hate the plan and the Israelis like it. The only problem with this radical departure from President Bush's own plan is that he has increased the risk for our troops in Iraq. Bush wants to sound sincere in his efforts to win a war, but he doesn't have a clue on how to do it. John Kerry would have better sense than to ignite more hatred while our troops are at war. Mr. Bush needs to stop trying to win re-election on the backs of our soldiers.