SpeakOut 6/20

Thursday, June 20, 2002

Call 471-6636

Why should the kids on Bon Secour Drive (subdivision across the interstate from Tractor Supply) have to ride a bus to Matthews or New Madrid school every day? Matthews is closer and they don't want their kids to ride a bus that far, so why are our kids made to do this? Morehouse is three miles farther than our subdivision and their kids can go to Sikeston schools but ours can't. It doesn't make any sense to me. People voted to change the district line behind Market Place so those kids can go to Sikeston, so what can we do to change our line to allow our kids to go to Sikeston. Please post a response in SpeakOut.

You need to contact an attorney who will agree to represent you in this effort. You would need to make a filing with the district you want to separate from and another filing with the district you want to go to. The process would involve a petition and a lot of work.

Does anybody have the address for Johnny Cochran? If so, please put it in SpeakOut.

There is a sign in front of a convenience store on Highway 61 North that reads: "Got milk, got beer, got barbecue, get some." I think the sign would really make more sense if it would read: "Got milk, got bread, got barbecue, got God." If not, get him he will supply your milk, bread and barbecue. There are no beer distilleries in heaven.

Someone asked why the Standard was not covering the Corporate Games. If you would get off your tight ass and go out and buy a paper instead of waiting for that freebee once a week you might get some of that big time Corporate Games coverage. If I remember correctly, I read a story about that basketball game in the Standard Democrat. It must not have been in your free weekly issue. By the way I do not work for S.D., nor do I know anyone who does.

I thought it was quite hilarious when someone said to get rid of the water on Pam Street, to sign a petition, and that's the way we do in Morehouse. Morehouse has a lot of petitions but I refuse to sign any of them. I say what I think but I don't sign anything. I'll tell you about one petition they had in Morehouse. Two men were behind it. They got a petition up demanding the state do an audit of the books. The auditors came in and audited the books. When they were finished, there was no missing money. And guess what? The city of Morehouse got left with several-thousand-dollar bill for the audit. I think everybody who signed the petition should have had to split the bill and each pay their share. The whole damned city suffered for it. That's what petitions do.