SpeakOut 7/15

Monday, July 15, 2002

This is to the person who was concerned because Wal-Mart's policeman was overweight. Shame on you. You must be so perfect. As long as he does his job, then why should you care how much he weighs? Go lose some weight yourself.

Why is Cape Girardeau so worried about the bridge that's going through Missouri to Kentucky? Cape needs to worry about the Emerson Memorial Bridge and let us worry about our bridge that will cross the Mississippi and Ohio rivers. I'd appreciate it if they would just worry about their own city instead of Sikeston, Charleston and other area towns. They need to take care of their own city and stay up there in their own county. We need to take care of our own I-66 in Sikeston. I'm getting tired of Cape trying to run Sikeston's business. If they're so interested in Sikeston, they need to move down here. And, mostly Channel 12 coming down here making Sikeston look worse than Cape, there are a lot of things in Cape that are really bad, but they don't want to report that.

I am a working man. I work hard. I work long hours for my family and try to provide for my family. I have no medical insurance. Millions of people throughout this country don't have medical insurance. I would like for some politician or the government or the state to give the working people an explanation why the people getting welfare are living better than working people. The people on welfare get all the benefits that the state and government has to offer. They live from generation to generation on welfare. I would like to see the working people's tax money be used for what it should be used for. These people are freeloaders, they don't want to work. Our government is really, really messed up. The people on welfare drive nice cars, they're on medical, get a big check every month and are on food stamps. They're just sitting back and laughing at the working people. I would appreciate it if some government official could explain why we have to work for these freeloaders who should be out working, especially those who are able to work. If you have many kids in your family, you're going to live high off the hog.