Letter to the Editor

Your view: Don't believe lies

Wednesday, May 12, 2004

The great masses of the people will more easily fall victim to a big lie than to a small one (Adolf Hitler). If the real truth could be extracted from that hocus pocus in the White House, it would easily impeach President Bush and he would be the most hated man in the world. The majority of the world already hates him.

The Bush family are confused leaders. Daddy Bush thought he won the war with Iraq 12 years ago and son President Bush thought he won the war with the same Iraq one year ago. Since he thought he won the war, our soldiers are coming back home in body bags, coffins, wheelchairs, some without arms, without legs, without hearing, some blind and some with parts of their faces blown away. And the lies from Washington comes down the assembly line operated by Carl Rowe, the most dangerous man in America, in my view. Like the pied piper of Hamlin, he has the ability to lead Americans astray by writing speeches for loser Republicans making them look like great leaders.

Dick Cheney is claiming patriotism for himself while denouncing war hero John Kerry, a three-times wounded, Medal of Honor, Medal of Bravery recipient and honorably discharged. John Kerry represents something that entire bunch of draft-dodgers never had, don't have today and never will. So their only recourse is to brazenly attack one of America's great heroes. The bravery of the tongue is without limits.

To strike down any war hero for personal gain is low down, sneaky, cowardly, traitorous, unAmerican and unpatriotic. If you Republicans can't give credit to our war heroes then, Mr. Carl Rowe, keep your Republican mouth shut. And that goes for the draft-dodging gutless wimps who read your speeches as if they were the truth.

Bush, thinking he had won the war landed aboard an aircraft carrier with a real pilot at the controls and banner stretching across the carries saying "mission accomplished." The pilot, unlike President Bush, could easily find his way to the National Guard in Louisiana for a physical and be back flying missions over Iraq before the day is over. But recovering alcoholic George Bush is his commander in chief. Someone, please tell me I'm having a terrible dream.

All the common sense rules have changed. It's been leaked the Middle Eastern oil sheiks can now select our next president. To assure Bush's re-election they raise the price of gas now and lower it before election, and Bush gets the credit. If we can't decide who our president is, we have lost our democracy.

The longer the war lasts the more money Dick Cheney "no bid Haliburton Co." will make. Talk about a conflict of interest.

Also, it's now OK for our vice president to take a Supreme Court justice duck hunting in Air Force Two, even when he has a case pending in the Supreme Court, and maybe returning a favor for helping them steal the election in Jeb Bush's Florida. And please, don't tell me they are using Saddam's generals to help control the Iraqis. I thought we were liberating them from that cut-throat regime. Under their new rules, don't be surprised if they hide weapons of mass destruction and find them before election.

Don't any of you Democrats try any of the above, because those righteous conservatives will crucify you.

W.T. Woods