Letter to the Editor

Your View 7/12: Another viewpoint

Friday, July 12, 2002

I am proud of the men and women of the Department of Public Safety. The front page article July 10 represents a gross disregard to the facts of a case that dates back to 1998.

The City of Sikeston's insurance company, The Hartford, provided the legal defense for the Newman lawsuit. The Hartford made a business decision in settling the lawsuit. The City of Sikeston was not consulted prior to the insurance company offering to settle the case.

What appears in the article are unsubstantiated allegations. The City admits no wrongdoing in this case. In fact, the City's defense team had expert witnesses that were ready to refute every aspect of the medical claims.

Finally, it is irresponsible for Ken Jones as editor of the Missouri Lawyers Weekly to make assumptions as to why the case was settled. The City of Sikeston was ready to take on these allegations, and we believe that the facts would have supported the City of Sikeston.

Doug Friend, manager City of Sikeston