Letter to the Editor

Whip 'em - whip 'em good

Thursday, April 25, 2002

I have read where there are over 40 wars going on at this time on planet Earth.

How do you stop a war? It's quite simple. Someone has to whip someone. In World War II, Japan attacked our nation and we whipped them and Germany, too, with terms of unconditional surrender. As a result, we have lived with them in peace for 57 years.

We lost that lesson learned at great expense in lives and resources in Korea. We didn't win that war and about 50 years later, we still have thousands of troops there and have spent trillions of dollars. We also lost the Vietnam War.

About 10 years ago, we lost the Desert Storm War in Iraq. We didn't harm a hair on the dictator's head. We left him in full power to strike us again and again and Saddam Hussein and those people in the Middle East know how to hurt a nation and its people and its finances again and again.

Yes, the only way you can stop a war is for someone to whip someone and do it good.