Speakout 4/25

Thursday, April 25, 2002

Call 471-6636

There is a female horse across from Southeast Elementary School that is all bloated and her owner isn't even taking care of her. Her hooves are cracked clear up to the hairline and she can hardly walk. Why can't the humane society do something about this?

We contacted officials immediately after receiving your call. "The Humane Society looked at the horse this afternoon and will get a veterinarian to look at her tomorrow. Someone who works with horses says it may be that she needs oats added to her pasture diet. She is also losing her winter coat which makes her look bad. She is not ridden and for that reason she has not been shod. She knows her name and comes when she is called as if she is in good spirits."

It's pretty obvious to me that Oprah is leaving her show at least partly to give the bald guy a chance at his own show. By the way, Oprah will produce that show as well. You can never have too much money, can you?

I too agree with the callers about Kmart raising the prices and then marking a percentage off of them. I have been wanting some things and waiting for the prices to go down so I could buy them. Then I went back and they marked the prices up before giving the discount. Come on, Kmart. Do you think you want to get rid of your things like this?

We would like to know in Charleston why are they using Cleveland Street for a race track? There is going to be a child killed here, so help me. It's just unreal the way they drive; even the policemen are running stop signs. I think they need to put up some signs for 25 mph or something like that to slow down this traffic. It's unreal!

This is to the person talking about Kmart raising its prices before putting a discount on them. They all do it. I went to a clothing store about a month before Christmas and bought a sweater. Later on, they had 40 percent off. I went back and bought the identical sweater and had to pay $2 more for it. I went to another store in Cape and they did the same thing. Only I paid one cent more for the shirts. They all do it. I've heard that those falling prices are raised before they fall. So don't blame Kmart for doing what they do when everybody else does it.

What are these mosquito-looking insects that have long legs but do not seem to have the long needle-like nose?