Speakout 4/26

Friday, April 26, 2002

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My family and I shop at Wal-Mart several times a week. Summer is nearing and it is very warm in that store. I wish management would check and see how they could cool the whole store - front, back, sides, in the middle - the whole store needs to be cool.

I would like to address this to the landlord who owns property on Highway 114 in Morehouse, a cluster of mobile homes. Why don't you make these people clean up around these trailers and have the yards look like something. You wouldn't want to live next door to it; other people don't, either.

I know a way we can settle things overseas. I think they should send Clinton over to settle things. He could get it done. Bush can't because he sticks his big foot in his big mouth. Bush is all mouth. They can't get anything done. They only get us into more trouble - big trouble. Send Clinton. He is the man for us.

The yellow dog Democrats voted against Gov. Bond and the wastelands of Alaska. The people of Alaska wanted it, all the sane-thinking Americans wanted it. If you're going to have an internal combustion engine running, you've got to have oil and gas. The Democrats have turned against the little man.

I live in Haywood City and Peter Myers came out and had a windbreak torn out across the road from Haywood City. The windbreak was planted there years ago by the soil conservation and the trees helped keep the soil from blowing. Well, Mr. Myers had it torn out so it will make more money for the land owners. He's also caused the sand to blow on us in here and we can hardly see when the wind blows. Another thing, now when the wind blows, it damages our crops. Greed has taken all that out. Crops are shot, they tell me, but he wants to grow more - more and more. Mr. Myers is supposed to be a soil conservation man but he is the soil conservation's worst enemy.

We contacted State District 160 Rep. Peter C. Myers Sr. with your concern. "The land involved was cleared this fall with a row of trees for a windbreak left on the north boundary. A cover crop was immediately planted and corn is planted there now. The original trees were naturally occurring sumac and oak. There were also several abandoned houses and an old barn on the site. This soil will be stabilized by the corn crop irrigated by a center pivot, and by using continuous no-till cropping from now on."

We have several taxi cabs in Sikeston but they are so filthy I would not ride them. I ride the Scott County Transit all the time. The drivers are nice and clean and the dispatcher is a very nice woman. For my money, Portageville needs to get New Madrid County Transit down there.

Anmar is available at Helen's Florist and Susie's Bake Shop and Restaurant in Sikeston.

Overthrowing democratically-elected government in South America, attacking the environment with enthusiasm, Dick Cheney making millions from rebuilding the Iraqi war machine? Looks like we've got an old-fashioned Republican regime back in office. Does George Bush really represent your values and vision of what America should be?