Speakout 6/7

Monday, June 7, 2004

In response to the Little League politics, I have been in and around Sikeston Little League for more than a decade. I will admit there are a few Little League coaches who think that winning is everything. This is not the mindset of all of the coaches. The purpose of being a coach is to teach the game to kids and above all, have fun, but I find that more times than not, parents do not take the time to get out in the yard with their child and practice or teach the fundamentals of the game. When the kids show up for baseball, the parents expect the coaches to teach the child to become an all-star in a few practices. Some parents look at it as little more than an hour and a half of baby sitting. I have a full time job and work in other areas many hours a week, but I still find (or make) the time to spend 10 hours a week with my son. The best thing any father can do is give their son a baseball and mitt and tell them to get busy. This gives them time to bond and have fun one-on-one. If they do this, they will show up on the field. Believe me, I'm a Little League coach. Try to stand in my shoes before you condemn me. It's harder than you think to be sure you're being fair, following all the rules and having fun with the children at the same time. The coaches' kids usually do better than most because they are exposed to the game every day. I'm proud to say my son considers me his best friend, and I consider him mine. It's not politics. It's love, true and pure. Baseball is good for the soul. Don't ruin it.

I totally agree with the person who said politics is ruining our Little League. This board used to be something our children could have pride in. We teach them this and then the coaches show favoritism and it's very obvious to the kids and is hurtful to them. I suggest that you not let the coaches coach your children or any relatives on their teams. Let whoever puts this together study the children in their positions and then put the team together; someone who isn't familiar with the games, the players or the coaches. The coaches should not have their pick of players. Sorry if I sound cruel, but if this continues, they'll have to beg for Little League players because the boys are fed up.

I am the person who had the kittens on Stanford Drive. I have news for you. I took those little kitties to the dog pound because I couldn't find anywhere else to take them. I knew of no farmer who would take them or anything else. They weren't my cats. You need to find out where those cats came from before accusing someone else of having something they had nothing to do with. Sorry to disappoint you.

Kudos to the South Scott County Ambulance District for helping to support the Butler County economy. I just found out that they furnished their new building by spending money at American Super Stores in Poplar Bluff. I'm glad they got a new building; I think they deserve it. But I think our tax dollars should have been spent locally where they would have put our money back in our economy, or could have at least taken bids.

Are they ever going to put pictures in the paper from the Matthews Spring Fling contest they had over a month ago?

Organizers of events such as this submit the photos and information for publication. Sometimes delays are caused, however, the earlier information is given to us, the better, so we can get it in while it is still considered current news.