SpeakOut 2/25

Tuesday, February 25, 2003

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In response to the Feb. 17 article, the person who said they hope Iraq gets Bush and hopes there are a lot of casualties, you and the other war protesters need to be put on the front line. I'm not for war either, but President Bush isn't the only one who knows this is what must be done. It troubles me to know you live in this area. Why don't you seek counseling? They can direct you to the nearest institution - mental institution, that is. Or they could get you a one-way ticket to Iraq. You sound like a terrorist yourself who lives off the government yourself and have nothing better to do than to make stupid phone calls.

I am 17 years old and was reading where someone was talking about Bush and everything. I just want to say one thing to this person. If they were to come into our country and take over and start killing folks, and they came into his home and killed his family, I don't think he'd feel the same way he does now. In my eyes, this person is just another terrorist. He is no different from the people who attacked our country on Sept. 11. He's no different from them. This person needs to realize what he said, what the statement was and how serious and how wrong he is. If it wasn't for our government and everything holding together, this country would be in bad shape. This is just a person who knows nothing about politics, knows nothing about what is going on and put his comment out before thinking about it.

I read in SpeakOut on Feb. 17 where someone actually said, "I hope there are a lot of casualties in the U.S. Army" because they don't like President Bush or our military personnel. How can somebody put that in there? What if members of their family had to go over there and fight? Would they be wishing death upon them? This kind of attitude is what's wrong with this country now. People like that are tearing this country apart.

This comment is for the person whose SpeakOut was printed on Feb. 17. I cannot believe that someone is so stupid to call in to SpeakOut and say, "I hope there are a lot of casualties in the U.S. Army," referring to if we go to war with Iraq. That may be your opinion, and this is mine. Why are you here in the great U.S.A. with that idiotic way of thinking? If there are to be any casualties, I hope it's you and everybody else who thinks like you do. I'm tired of sharing my oxygen with morons. This world is going backwards and getting out of control. What will it take for people to see how important that saying really is from back in the early 1960s, "Make love, not war."

I was reading SpeakOut on Feb. 17 and there have been a lot of ignorant things people call in. But the person who said if there is really a war they hope there are a lot of casualties in the U.S. Army, I doubt if this person is a U.S. citizen. But if they are, they need to be shipped to a communist country. I have two sons who quite possibly will be going to war if we have one. People like that don't even need to be in the United States. What is President Bush supposed to do? Let Sept. 11 happen again? Thank God we have a president who cares for the U.S.A.

To the person who called about Saddam Hussein being such a good guy and Bush being such a bad guy, and hoping that we would have a lot of casualties if we attack Iraq, I think this person should keep quiet when out in public because this person is in grave danger. Everyone already knows he is an idiot. I do have a ticket for him to go to Iraq if he dislikes this country so much. But he probably wouldn't leave because they have such a good life over here they can't stand to leave it. It's a shame we have so many idiots who feel the way he does.

I was reading "War isn't the answer." This person sounds anti-American. They may be citizens but I believe they're anti-American. I'm a veteran, I believe in what Bush is doing. As far as these protesters, I believe some of them are anti-American.

Why in the world did the Sikeston Public Schools keep the week long spring break in this year's school calendar? This is just another example of the superintendent and school board not considering the needs of all students and their parents. Instead of a week long spring break, why not extend the summer break by one week? The spring break sort of differentiates the haves from the have-nots. Why the affluent head off to Colorado to ski, the others sit at home. A lot of kids have summer jobs and could use one more week of employment instead of wasting a week in the middle of March. Give the superintendent a week off without pay, but keep our kids in school.