Speakout 2/23

Sunday, February 23, 2003

President Bush does have proof that the country has bombs, poison gas and chemicals and everything. But there's only one problem. It's not in Iraq. It's in North Korea. We need to be going to war with North Korea and tell them to disarm but we're not doing anything about that. He's letting them keep building. He's more concerned about Iraq because of what he said about his daddy.

This is about Hussein and Bush. I can't tell the difference. One is as evil as the other. Iraqis are on starvation and children are undernourished. He doesn't care about his people. Same difference here in the United States. We have people in the U.S. with no shelter and medical help. They are going to do away with any medical help and Social Security that they can to help the old and the sick. We have no jobs. Please tell me, some of you so-and-so smart people, we can't afford another war. I guess you know we will be just like the people in Iraq before too long. Maybe some of you stupid Republicans will have to suffer. You will probably change your mind about the idiot in the White House that is driving everybody to the poor house. Bush runs our country about like Hussein. So what is the difference? Please tell me, if you're smart enough.

I don't think anybody is for war, least of all American people. But I think these who are out demonstrating and carrying on, they ought to load them off and take them over there and drop them off right in the middle of it. If they don't have enough respect for our American boys who are willing to give their lives for freedom, we should just send them to the foreign countries. I don't think anyone wants to see a war if you've ever lived through it or had one of your family members in it or seen them come back in a casket and had to bury them. But we have to stand up and do what's right. We shouldn't have waited this long after New York and all the people got killed on that boat. I think it's time we stand up and quit letting France and Germany rule us, and all the other countries. I think we should stay here, though, and defend America.

Like father, like son. It's really sad because all Bushy Boy wants to do try to be like his father when he was in office. And when you think about it, he didn't do anything, either. He knew where Hussein was. He could have gone in there and got him, but did he? No. Bush got on national TV and said if he won the presidency he would get Hussein. Well, you see what has happened. He's gotten a lot of people killed and a lot of things blown up. It's like this. He's not intelligent enough to be president. Why doesn't he just step down instead of making a fool of himself and ruining our country?

I read in the Feb. 17 SpeakOut "War isn't the answer. Whoever wrote these first two paragraphs who said they hope they got Bush and hope we have casualties in the Iraq war is beyond ludicrous. I'm a little more than disappointed that the Standard Democrat would print garbage like this. These individuals should understand that the reason they can talk this trash is because of the people who went to war and gave them their freedom. I am disappointed that the Standard Democrat would even print trash and garbage like that.

Instead of running down a good and honest man like President Bush, why not try praying for our leaders and country? The problems in the last two years aren't of his making. He was left with a pile of problems from the former trashy person. Heaven forbid that bunch should get in again. Some people shouldn't open their mouths, as it leaves no doubt as to the source of their brains. I'll bet you'd scream the loudest if you got hit with the poison gas sent from Saddam.

I live on North Matthews St. in Charleston and I want to thank my paper man for leaving my paper on my steps in this bad, slick weather. I'm 90 years old and I really appreciate it.