Speakout 9/1

Sunday, September 1, 2002

I was glad to see Jack Anderson's column of Aug. 9 in the Standard Democrat explain what a farce the so-called Social Security Trust Fund is. There is not, and never has been, one penny in the so-called trust fund. All Social Security money is spent as soon as it's collected and has been ever since the days of Roosevelt. A scheme where the government collects Social Security taxes, lends them to itself, spends them all and then claims there is a surplus, is so crooked that any company president would be jailed for it. But the crooked politicians in Washington keep lying about trust funds and locked boxes year after year. Listen, people. There is no trust fund. There is only taxes, taxes and more taxes. If you want any money to retire on you better save your money now and elect some honest representatives for a change who will cut your taxes, not raise them.

This is in regards to "Where is support?" My name is Cindy and I will be more than happy to come by and help you out. I can pick up your groceries for you, even pay your bills for you and even take you for a country ride if that's what you need. I agree people should be more concerned for the elderly, especially with this heat we're having these days. Please leave your number in SpeakOut and I will call you.

There was a piece in the Wednesday paper about Bush spending all the Social Security. Where do they think he's getting any Social Security? There aren't enough people working anymore to pay into Social Security. Under Clinton, he closed all these jobs all around and what's closed under Bush was going bankrupt before Bush got in. So there's hardly anyone paying into Social Security. How do they expect things to be any better? If they will just look back they will realize all this stuff hasn't gotten into this bad condition under Bush. It was headed that way. Clinton gave it overseas and everywhere and to everything that came along. Bush isn't perfect, but my God, please, don't blame him for everything. Every time the Republicans get in there they get a little money saved up. Then when the Democrats get in there, they go and give it to all these foreign countries and everybody. Next thing they're saying about the Social Security; next thing they'll say they're starving the old people and little kids. They holler about that at every election time. It seems like they'd get something else besides that and tell the truth for a change.

Mike Jensen, alias Joe McCarthy, is accusing the NEA of un-American activities. In the world of chicken-hawk Republicans like Jensen, if you're not in lock-step with the Republican propaganda, you are considered unpatriotic traitors to America. Mike should realize that the truth about American government support of every undemocratic dictator in the Mid-East for the last 60 years will not hurt us. Taxpayer dollars have gone to Egypt, Saudi Arabia, Sadaam Hussein, Iran and the Taliban in return for oil money that flows through Republican campaign coffers. I say stand up, speak up and dissent is the American way. Before they send your children to war, demand the truth.