Speakout 2/16

Sunday, February 16, 2003

How do I see the poll results for the Iraq poll?

You can go to www.cnn.com on the Internet. CNN has the following question for visitors to the site: "Should a U.S.-led coalition wait for U.N. support before taking military action against Iraq?" As of 11 a.m. (EST) Feb. 14, 8,484 people said yes (56 percent); 6,008 said no (39 percent); and 722 were undecided (5 percent).

I have found a large dog in the vicinity of Matthews Street in Sikeston. This friendly pet is an Alaskan husky or a chow. If it's your dog, call me at 481-9966.

I have a prediction: When a new political dictionary is published and one looks up the word "landslide," it will say, "See outcome Sikeston, Missouri's vote on the PILOT proposal."

I'm a Christian and would like to say that it's very nice to be a child of God, but I believe Christians should look at themselves when they are passing judgment on others, especially when they ARE out on the public scene and the issue is contradictory to biblical beliefs. Isaiah 64:6 says that all people have tarnishes in their rags. Everybody has their own views. Our community, the state and nation, I think God should be the one to decide whether certain things should be done to change the way of living, and not a certain Christian or church. We should work and keep our own hearts clean. You see it, you know it, just don't do it.

Kudos to the Sikeston Housing Authority and the Scott County Commission for reducing the total number of Section 8 certificates by 25 percent! That's a great start. From the article in your paper, it appears HUD will impose a financial penalty on the housing authority if it does not spend at least 90 percent of their allocated funding, presumably by reducing said funding. Hallelujah! The cure for our plague has been revealed. Hallelujah! It should be the mission of the Sikeston Housing Authority to spend less than 90 percent of its allocated funding every year. Eventually, the number of Section 8 certificates and public housing units in Sikeston will be reduced to zero and all the chronically unemployed will have to get jobs to pay for their housing or move to a community that doesn't know the secret revealed above. Remember, the Sikeston Housing Authority Board serves all the residents of Sikeston - not just the financially irresponsible.

It sounds to me like we're fixing to be a communist city here in Sikeston. My goodness, telling you what kind of dog you can have? This is getting to be outrageous!

If Bushy Boy is so hell-bent on war, why doesn't he go over there himself? Why don't he face Hussein himself? All he is is mouth. Most everybody thinks he is making a fool of himself and the U.S. He's such a stupid president.

Mr. Bush, economic voodoo has it absolutely correct. If we don't have a 15-year depression I'll be surprised. Everything is in place - 10 percent of the population is out of work, businesses are closing. Like President Herbert Hoover, this president has the same outlook and no value of money like Ed Baker had. People jumped out of windows when the depression hit. Soup and bread lines were a mile long out of Hoover; he denied anything was wrong with the government. Just like Nero, who played a fiddle while Rome burned. This is what happens when you have a madman in control.

"Bush beats around bush." I'd rather talk or listen to someone who beats about the bush than to let everyone know I would vote for a lying killer like Saddam Hussein. If you like him so well, I'm sure they would have room over there for you. I would buy your ticket - one way, of course. Are you sure you're an American?