SpeakOut 12/19

Thursday, December 19, 2002

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It looks like they would put some shops in the downtown area. There are so many elderly people who can't go to the malls to shop. They're just building these new places and downtown is just going down.

I am calling about the comment on the water in Morehouse. They said the samples came back clean and clear. Well, they may have come back clean and clear, but you have to hold your nose to be able to drink it. It's just terrible.

I'm calling about the bird problem in Cape. I don't see why they don't put out some of that poison here in Morehouse too. Sikeston just shoots at them and they fly to Morehouse. The mess from those birds has caused me to get sick. The doctor said it was caused from those nasty starlings.

I continue to be amazed that there continue to be articles in the Standard Democrat about Internet-related activities and locations and never, almost never, a website address being provided. In a recent paper, a story said the report cards on public schools are available on the Internet. You could have listed the address, but perhaps you didn't want us to see Sikeston scores. But the address was not in the paper.

The story was written by the Associated Press, not the Standard. The address is: www.dese.state.mo.us/schooldata

This is to say thank you to the Good Samaritans who helped me on Dec. 13 when my car slid off the road in a snow storm about six miles from my house. Within minutes, men in two pickup trucks stopped to help me out of the car. The first man and his wife on the scene took me home and the second man, when he got there, he made sure the couple was going to take me home. He asked me if anyone would be at my home to help me. I said no but I would call Jarvis Motors for a wrecker. I didn't get a chance to thank him for his concern. The young lady at Jarvis called several times to let me know what was going on about my car. She let me know when my car was brought into their shop and said they would fix it. Everyone was so nice. So, you see? We have Good Samaritans even in this day. God bless each of you.

Is there anybody in the area who works on clocks?

Call Edgar Kinser at (573) 568-4628.