Speakout 3/13

Wednesday, March 13, 2002

I see where Charles Barkley is accusing the Augusta National of being racist because they lengthened the course so Tiger can't win it. How ignorant can anybody be? John Daly is the longest driver on the PG Tour and Tiger is second. So I guess what Daly is saying is that if Bailey or Tiger don't win it, the masters won't have a winner this year.

I was reading where there might be a tax increase on cigarettes. I don't think this is fair to the smokers. Yes, we are gradually killing ourselves but that's our business. There's not too many times you reach in the paper that someone drops a cigarette, reaches down to get it and causes an accident. We do on the liquor. Why aren't they saying anything about that and raising prices on liquor? I think something should be done about that too.

I have been a smoker for 42 years. If the state is going to rob me over my cigarettes, then I want my rights protected and raise the same price on each can or bottle of booze. We were lied to about gambling going to schools and tobacco taxes going for health. I wrote to JoAnn Emerson and guess what? No answer.

I'd like to SpeakOut about the children. How many children have to die before the county and the welfare office take some actions to provide protection for the children with a family who will love and care for them; knowing that they are with family that does not take care of them and could possibly hurt them. I know a lot of children are kidnapped by family and it is sad. But when you try to do it the legal way, you get tripped up in red tape at every turn. This has got to change. Please protect the children.

Shame on you, Lance Hanlin. In the March 6 paper you were talking about NMCC going to state. In your article you said, "Matthews claimed one state title 34 years ago and I'm still hearing how sweet that stinking team was." Mr. Hanlin, were you even around 34 years ago? Do you know anyone on the team, or for that matter, anything about the team? I dare you call them stinking! I guess you thought you could stick that remark in and nobody would notice, but there are some people in Matthews who have really taken some offense to your remark. Basically, your remark is rude, crude and socially unacceptable.

Lance, this is in regards to your statement about the New Madrid County Central Eagles basketball team. You said in your column, that they are "not representing their corner of the state's maturity." You're right. They're not, but what kind of sexist statement is that? New Madrid County Central has one of the better cheer squads around. They might have not taken first in state, but believe me, the basketball team appreciates them and so does the school. Lance, you had better watch what you say about your school. Cheerleaders are important. Go NMCC Cheer Squad!

I really enjoy reading the SpeakOut column. You guys do a wonderful job. As large as the city of Sikeston is, the single Christian people should have a place to gather together to fellowship and worship together - some kind of social club. If you're a Christian, you don't have any place to go for entertainment. Of course, church is a wonderful place to be for anyone who can attend. But if there is anyplace in Sikeston that has a Christian club for Christian singles to meet once a month or once a week, I would appreciate it if someone would call in the information on this. Keep up the good work on the SpeakOut column. Thank you very much.