SpeakOut 12/31

Tuesday, December 31, 2002

Call 471-6636

On the Dec. 26 issue, "Times have changed." Sure, you say times have changed because you didn't have somebody sit there and greet you. No, times haven't changed. I got off the ship when I was in the Marine Corps for my six years when I came off tour. So what makes you different. Times have changed in some ways. But being greeted lonely, by yourself, hasn't changed. Should they give you a ribbon for being lonely? No. Get a hobby.

The veteran of World War II is sure right about things changing. I am a veteran of World War II. My father passed away in May 1944 and I didn't know it until September and I didn't get to come home. We were fighting a war. The chaplain told me were fighting a war and I could go home after the war was over with. I saw nobody in San Francisco to greet us when we landed there. Today it's different. They're on TV and everything. They can wish everybody a merry Christmas. We couldn't even write home without them censoring our letters, cutting things out of them.

To the person who is upset about Northcutt Ditch, if you will put your phone number in SpeakOut or call 667-5532 about 8 o'clock in the evening, I will try to explain why it's not cleaned out.

I was walking down the street the other night and a dog started chasing me. I almost hurt it real bad. So dog owners, if you want to keep your dogs safe, keep them on chains.

To the Eagles Club, please remove the rags your flagpole displays. I am a veteran and this is a request for all people who appreciate what the flag represents. I'm sure your bingo profits could stand the replacement costs.