Speakout 3/1

Tuesday, March 1, 2005

I would like to SpeakOut in behalf of George Davis and the staff at 92.9. George took the time to prepare a wonderful tribute song to the 1140th and I want to let him know just how wonderful it was to hear something like that. It was great! I wish there was more of it in this world for people being positive and not so negative. Thank you so much for the wonderful tribute you played on the air.

I am calling about Lee Hunter Elementary School. I enjoy the school district, the teachers and staff, but there is something wrong. My child is telling me that the bathroom facilities are disgusting and the sink in there does not work so he has to wash his hands in the same sinks that they get their drinks from. This is very disgusting to me. What can be done about this?

I am calling about Bush's budget cuts and to the farmers in Southeast Missouri. I'll bet you're glad you voted for him now that he's getting into your pocketbooks. You should have waken up and smelled the roses before the election. But i t's too late now, isn't it?

Thank you to Old Bethel Baptist Church and the pastor for having the southern gospel quartet, the Booth Brothers for a wonderful evening of great gospel music. We enjoyed it so much! Thank God some people still know what kind of music touches the soul and also touches God.

I would like to thank the person who found a signed check in the Wal-Mart Supercenter on Feb. 12

and turned it into

the office. I am sorry that I cannot thank you personally, but I appreciate your honesty. May God bless you.

With the airing of the two-hour prime time special with Peter Jennings "UFOs - Seeing is Believing" on Feb. 24, the time seems right for this inquiry. Genealogical research uncovered unexpected coincidences between my father's history and a Missouri legend of an alleged 1941 UFO crash and retrieval. In an attempt to dismiss this connection, I chose to investigate the incident further. Personal research only adds to the intrigue. Although millions of people claim to have seen a UFO, many people are apprehensive to speak of the subject due to the skepticism and ridicule that surrounds the topic. Some individuals are even fearful of retaliation. If anyone wishes to contact me regarding knowledge of this topic, your name will be held in confidence. Do you, a relative, or acquaintance recall this incident or recall any conversations regarding the crash of an unidentified object in Southeast Missouri in 1941? Please contact info@SeekingMoInfo.com or SeekingMoInfo@yahoo.com or visit www.SeekingMoInfo.com

Years ago when the wedding section was removed from the Sunday paper, it was disappointing to me. I was glad to see the new section, "The Scene," in the Sunday paper yesterday.