Speakout 1/30

Sunday, January 30, 2005

I'm reading about the bond issue for the school in Sunday's paper. Why does Sikeston want to change the way it has always been. It has always had the Middle School across town and the Junior High and the Senior High. That is the whole point of giving the youngsters a building for so many years. I can understand that they don't want them walking across the street and stuff but moving the fifth grade over to the Junior High building. That is not right. Why can't you just leave things they used to be? I know things change but still that is whole point of getting to go to Sikeston schools is getting to go to different schools - one across town and the two right next to each other.

I just want to Speakout and so to all you so-called Christians that voted for George W. Bush for president. My lord what do you think about your new secretary of state? Isn't that a joke? It is just sickening. It is ridiculous.

People in Tyler, Texas, need to go after this judge for putting this man back out on the streets. Now he has abducted this girl from Wal-Mart. They should stop putting these convicts back out of the street. They know better than that.

Response to Your View about burning farm crop stubble. I've been in one traffic pile-up caused by smoke from burning. In the Bootheel of Missouri we have had a wreck on I-55 and 105 to Anniston. These are the only ones that I know about, I'm sure there are more. I guess someone will have to lose their live to get a change in the law made.

I would like to complain about the aid that is being sent overseas. I know we need to help but there is so much aid going over there. What about our servicemen who have to buy their uniforms, their boots, everything to go to war. Then they are assigned so much equipment. If they lose some of this equipment it can be charged to them and has been charged to some of them. You know if someone is shooting at me, I'm not so sure I might lay my night-vision goggles down and forget where I laid them or whatever. And another thing, they can't shoot unless they have been shot at even if someone is pointing a gun at them. Not only that there is no toilet paper over there. We send our boys lip balm, sunscreen lotion, toilet paper, flea collars. Why can't this be supplied to them without cost? If we can send aid to these countries that won't even let our army in there to help them with the problems they have in cleaning up or whatever why can't we send this aid to our servicemen. Why can't we give them more pay. You would be surprised how many servicemen can actually draw welfare - their families can because of how many kids they have and the little amount of money make. It is terrible that our servicemen are struggling and have to buy their own boots and things. I think we have our priorities a little jumbled up. Yes, we should help these people but not be the livelihood for them. Let's do more for our soldier s of our own country.

I know this nice lady, her and her fiancee make a very nice couple but his ex-girlfriend and his family will not butt out and leave them alone. I wish there was some kind of way that they could read this and realize they are damaging people's hearts. I think he should stand up and take a stand for her and they will have a better relationship.