SpeakOut 7/21

Monday, July 21, 2003

Call 4471-6636

I would like to respond to the July 13 call about unfriendly yard sales. The people who had a yard sale on Kate Street were really friendly. They thank you for coming, even if you don't buy anything and their prices are not high, either.

We are in the interest of looking for a home to buy in the country and were driving around in a subdivision out in the country, and noticed a small dog, tied up, out in the hot open sun. Who do you report people to in the country who are leaving their animals tied up out in the hot open sun?

Depending on where you live, contact your local humane society or sheriff's office. There is a state statute against animal neglect and abuse.

I have been at a job for almost 10 years. They hired a woman where I was working (in fact, I trained her) and she had been there for several years. They made her manager over me, which was all right. This lady told me I was on her "hit list" and the month after that, she had me clean. The chemicals I used threw me into an asthma attack and I had to leave and go to the doctor. I took a note from the doctor because he kept me off work for two days. When I returned to work, I was fired. I shouldn't get fired for something that I had no control over.

You can contact the Division of Employment Security in Jefferson City at (573) 751-8086.

What can be done about the postal service? I do not like the idea of my bank statement and other mail being delivered to other people. I also receive important mail that does not belong to me.

Call the postmaster at the post office which serves your area.

I would like to SpeakOut about the front page article in the July 15 Standard Democrat, "Logo will be part of county's promotional material." Having lived in the area since 1956, that logo will help, but you will need to put out several of them and make them big enough and where they will light up at night. Put one on each side of Sikeston and all around the interstates, and all over the county. It will take more than that logo. If you're really going to get serious about industry, you need to set up an office like Sikeston has. I would hope the county has one. Send out information to different industries in St. Louis and all around. If you're going to make Scott County grow (Sikeston lost 600 residents between 1990-2000). I hope they won't let that happen again. You have a lot of work cut out for you and I hope this logo will help in getting industry in the county.

I am calling about a July 15 article, "Initiative proposal approved for petition gathering." They want to build a casino near Branson. I just get burned up every time I hear the word "casino." This state is so brain-wracked up there in Jefferson City that every time they hear the word, they jump for joy. The poor people will be the ones who lose the most money. You church people and business people need to get the casino voted out, get all petitions you can. Don't just present it in the Branson area, but get it on TV and in Springfield, go to Jefferson City and present them to the blockheads up there and tell them you don't want it and don't need it. It will drive people away.

A couple of comments on Brother Jensen's Internet voting editorial. First of all, with Internet voting (as with any computer), there would certainly be no dangling chads. Secondly, with a computer, nothing can go wrong - go wrong, go wrong, go wrong, go wrong.

You get my vote for chuckle of the week!