SpeakOut 8/23

Friday, August 23, 2002

Call 471-6636

This to whoever stole the wood cats off the fence rail on Dawson Road in New Madrid. We hope you enjoy them as much as we enjoyed making them. So if anyone in the Sikeston or New Madrid area sees someone with some wood cats, rest assured they did not make them.

I want the person who stole my bike rings from Branum Street to bring them back because you left your tool and it can be checked for fingerprints. If you don't return them, charges will be pressed.

I'm calling in regards to the stoplight in Charleston at the intersection of Marshall and Main streets. I came through there a few days ago and the light stayed red for 15 minutes. I finally went through the red light and got a ticket from a cop. What's going on? He sat behind me and watched me turn on that red light, knowing the light wasn't working.

What if life was like an "hour bank" and the hours we put in with our kids and our grandkids would be the hours we get back from them? Oh, well. Now you know why they're never around.

I read in the Aug. 14 paper about a little boy who had won an audition for talent scouting. Can I get some information as to how I can get in contact with a talent manager or the nearest audition time and date that's close to this area. Please call me at 471-6074.

Why have the Democratic and Libertarian symbols been switched on ballots in the last few years in our state? The Democrat donkey is on the Libertarian ballot and the Statue of Liberty is on the Democratic ballot. Just for your information, the donkey is still the Democratic Party symbol. Most of the straight-ticket Democrats I've known are donkeys - at least they have all the characteristics, stubbornly going the same paths they've always gone, believing the same lies they've always been told.

Are there any adult education classes that can teach adults to count to 20 so that they won't get in the wrong line at the store? If there is a school in town that does that, please tell us how to participate in it.