Speakout 5/24

Friday, May 24, 2002

Call 471-6636

If anyone who has a skateboard for sale, call me at 472-3934.

Now I see why Kmart in Sikeston went out of business. I just cannot believe the mark-up on their products. They had one item I bought at Wal-Mart for $4.97, another store had it for $6.97. I went to Kmart and they had the same item for $14.99. Is the reason they went out of business because they wouldn't come down on their prices? I think so. Things that were even 50 percent off cost $2 more than the other stores here in town.

I agree with you, Michael Jensen, on the Gephardt smear campaign in the May 19 paper. You go, boy!

I do agree with your May 19 editorial. The people who are so in love with Gephardt and Hillary probably love Dan Rather as well. I just don't know what it will take for these people to get their eyes and ears open. How can anyone be so stupid not to see right through Gephardt, Hillary and Rather? They are so transparent. Is the death of common sense what's wrong? It's so simple to someone with brains.

Why is it so important that all the Republicans tell the truth and don't lie? The Democrats, all they did while they were in the White House, was lie. Clinton lied, Hillary lied and shredded evidence when that guy was murdered. They all lied. And then Enron, that guy, they were supposed to send him to the pen for shredding things. And then now Bush supposedly had information about terrorists before Sept. 11. I think that's ridiculous. If they check into Clinton and see what all he knew, we'd see where all these problems started before Bush ever got into office. Leave Bush alone. He's trying to do his best with all these tornadoes, floods and bombings and all that. When Clinton was in there, I guess he was the cause of all that.