SpeakOut 12/26

Thursday, December 26, 2002

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It rained 2 1/2-inches last night and the Northcutt ditch is flooded again. Can the county commission clean this ditch out? We're tired of getting flooded.

OK. I was a little bit unreasonable yesterday. It had rained most of the night and the Northcutt ditch was flooded. OK. I guess it's typical to be flooded after a big rain. But today is Friday and the ditch is still flooded. We need to clean this thing out so it doesn't stay flooded for more than a day. It's time for the drain.

I want to comment about some of the girl basketball players at the Chaffee Tournament. The behavior exhibited by some on Dec. 14 during the championship game was very uncomplimentary to the school and to Sikeston. I hope this will be taken care of and I hope when these girls go to other schools and represent their community, that they will do a better job and act a little more professional and a little more dignified.

I would like to make a comment in reference to the crowd that is waiting for their loved ones to disembark off the USS George Washington carrier after six months at sea. I am an 80-year-old veteran. We spent three years in the South Pacific and had no one, absolutely no one, who was allowed to come to meet their loved ones, after serving three years in combat day in and day out. It was disheartening to be one of the very few who disembarked in 1945 and there was no one there to meet him. I hope this reaches all World War II veterans.

This is to a bank downtown. Your customers are disappointed because you didn't order calendars this year for them. My friends and I really looked forward to getting one again this year. Maybe you'll think about it for next year.