SpeakOut 9/16

Tuesday, September 16, 2003

Call 471-6636

Real men are not afraid of words and ideas because they respect the intelligence of their fellow man. Only cowardly bullies desire dominance gained through force, special favors and privileges and the withholding of information. At heart, cowardly bullies know their own incompetence and shallowness but they seek to project their weaknesses onto others to draw attention away from themselves. Hitler perfected this tactic and modern American Republicans are only following his lead because they know they don't have the intelligence to compete fairly. It is really a lack of intelligence that characterizes all people who have no respect or concern for animals, the environment or other human beings.

I'd like to SpeakOut about all these burned houses in Morehouse that haven't been torn down yet. There are people who have mattresses and old beds sitting on the roads. I don't know why they put them out there because they know the trash truck won't pick them up. I guess they're just too lazy to haul them off themselves. If I did something like that, they'd fine me. Why don't they clean Morehouse up and make these people clean these messes up that they make in their own yards? It's pathetic. Morehouse needs to be cleaned up, that's what I think, or maybe I'll move back to Sikeston.

I have a question for the American Legion. Why have you changed the parade route? There is no way all the people in Southeast Missouri who come to the Cotton Carnival can find a place to park and a place to view the parade from Pine Street to Scott Street. Kingshighway was the best route to go. For me, it's not that much farther to go down Kingshighway to the old City Cemetery than it would be to go to Scott Street. You moved the Cotton Carnival out of town, which was a tradition. Now you moved the parade route. What's next.

I read the Sept. 8 article, "Couple separated after immigration snafu." We're sorry about losing your loved ones, but illegal is illegal. They should be deported because they broke the law. If you can't go by the law, suffer the consequences. We have enough foreigners here anyway. If she was legal, they should let her stay, but you broke the law.

Read the article again. The couple said they did follow the rules as they were instructed to do.

The Sept. 7 article about Bill Ferrell was very informative, but some of us already believe he's a stunning fellow.

I am complaining about the phone service in Charleston. What is going on with the phone lines here? You get click-click sounds, microwave beeper sounds, the line's open, the phone rings back when you hang up. Call the phone company, the city manager, KFVS-12 - call somebody about these messed up phone lines in Charleston.