SpeakOut 3/11

Tuesday, March 11, 2003

Call 471-6636

I read where someone with the title of state auditor said the Sikeston School Board was apparently violating the Sunshine Law. What does she expect? Doesn't she know that for many days now it has been very cloudy?

I noticed it took the Sikeston City Council 90 days to comply with a request from Missouri's auditor. Can you believe how slow we are with our mail services?

In my opinion, you should consult with your friend immediately. If you've been friends that long and something is tearing you apart, you need to get it out in the open. After that, if you are no longer friends, then so be it. But you need to get together and talk about it. Don't keep holding that grudge.

Were you there? There was a really good celebration Feb. 28 in Sikeston. Thanks, Powerhouse of God Church, for inviting all people who love Jesus to come together to praise and worship. God is good and Sikeston is a good place to live. I'm looking forward to the next big praise party.

I live in the Miner subdivision out here. I need the mayor to check on the dog ordinance here. We seem to have a lot of dogs running loose out in the neighborhood. I have lived out here several years and never have I seen so many dogs running loose before. I'd like for the mayor to check into this and see if he can get something done about this.

Looks like Miner needs to get a dog catcher. The dogs are taking over. Come on, Miner. Let's get on it.

Have you contacted city hall with your concern? The number is 471-8520.

I'm so proud to see those people standing up for our American soldiers who are over there to fight for our freedom. I've seen several marching against it. If they want to go to a peaceful country, why don't they just get a ticket and fly over there where they're having all the trouble if they don't like America?

I'm calling concerning an advertisement that is in your newspaper about the After Hours Care Center at the hospital. I've also heard the ad on the radio. They say they have reduced costs, compared to emergency room visits. I'm very disappointed. I took my child there on a Sunday for an ear infection. It wasn't an emergency but I did not want to keep him out of school or have to miss work. He needed antibiotics. My bill was $316.75 for an after-hours visit at a non-emergency place as you advertised. When I tried to rectify this with the hospital, I got no results. I'm one of the fortunate ones who has insurance and did not have to pay the total amount. But what about people who do not have insurance? He had no lab work or x-rays. His ears were looked at and a nurse practitioner wrote a prescription for antibiotics and decongestants. It's a shame that health care is so expensive for this type of visit. The facility was great and my child got good care. But I think there's a problem with their advertisements.