SpeakOut 7/30

Friday, July 30, 2004

Call 471-6636

If the city of Sikeston is interested in beautifying the area, why don't they go out and mow the area around the Humane Society? It is a total eyesore out there.

It's pretty bad when you spend $250 on a little scooter and we grown-ups aren't allowed to ride it on the street. The police stopped us and told us to take it home. But then there's a person riding a little lawn mower up and down the street, dragging a little trailer on the back with kids in it. But the police don't stop them. Kids have been driving it by here for two days, pulling that little wagon with kids in it. I don't understand this. Can someone please explain this to me?

I am calling about the comment during the debate when Claire McCaskill questioned Gov. Holden about why the state's hotline for food stamp recipients is still answered in India. This is appalling, when the state and local communities are working to get employers to come to Missouri and the local community. Our state officials are hiring individuals in India to do our jobs? This is sickening! We need every job we can get to come to Missouri. I would like the Standard Democrat to run an article stating how much the state is spending on these types of contracts. Also, when is it going to stop? You can bet I will not vote for any politician who will send our jobs out of state, let alone out of the country.

According to an Associated Press story on Thursday, a toll-free call center for Missouri welfare and food stamp recipients has been moved from India back to the United States -- but yet not all the way to Missouri -- at a cost to taxpayers of about $1.2 million.

A caller complained about a purple truck that drives too fast on her street and didn't stop, which didn't allow enough time for them to buy a sno-cone. Please. Their targeted customer base is the hot, whining, tired kids at local parks who bug the life out of their parents until they show up with the cash to buy a sno-cone just to shut their kid up. The sno-cone people did reply in SpeakOut that you can call and make an appointment for them to come by your house to sell the sno-cones. Instead of wasting $3 or $4 on a single sno-cone, I went to the store and bought my daughter a sno-cone machine. Check it out, parents. She loves it and she will never have to wait for a sno-cone truck. Plus, you'll never have to call to make an appointment or keep on wondering if this is the day the truck will stop at your house.

I would like to comment about all the people picking on W.T. Woods for his opinions of the political problems in this problem, the politicians and the non-voters. I'd like to give him credit. He has the grit and brass to stand up and put his name to his comments instead of sneaking around and putting barbs in somebody's back. Give him credit. He's a good man and stands up for himself. We need more people like him.