Speakout 4/20

Tuesday, April 20, 2004

I would like to SpeakOut concerning the city officials calling landlords "slumlords." My husband is a landlord of some houses. Some of our renters are clean, nice people. They are honest, they pay their rent and they don't tear down doors, they keep their yards nice and we appreciate them. Then there are other renters who tear up the doors and tear up everything they can get their hands on. They get behind on their rent. They lie to us. They don't keep their yards clean and they don't keep the house clean. You need to go around and see who you are calling slumlords. I don't like it at all, you calling my husband a slumlord. He is honest and tries to treat the renters nice, but there are some people, no matter how or what you do, you can't keep places fixed and things looking nice. They break windows, tear up bathrooms. The city officials have no right to call my husband or any other landlord slumlords. If I knew which of you said that, I would be sure you would not get voted back in to help run the city. You owe these landlords an apology. We are not slumlords. Maybe you need to look in the mirror at your own self. Come on, landlords, let's get together and change the council members' minds. And yes, we live in Sikeston and my husband has lived here all 60 years of his life. "Slum" is a terrible word.

I suspect the same person who wrote "Change is warranted in 2003" called in "Remedy needed." Do not use my place of business for your comment. First of all you spelled it wrong and used it wrong. Secondly get your facts. "Bros' Kickin' was not even open. So needs to be stopped is you. Opinions is a right for everyone. But think before you opinion the wrong one. I said it once and will say it again. You cannot lock all people up in homes. They are going to go somewhere. Take everything away for people to go and they will be where you are. I do have one thing to say. Speak on the law enforcement, the head. Officers cannot do anything until they get the OK. But why should they? Read the papers. It is the same people who are doing the same crime. They are the ones who should be punished; not the people paying the city.

Is it standard procedure for Sikeston police officers (in their own private vehicles) to pull out in front of people and almost cause an accident. This happened to me at 8:30 a.m. April 10 in front of Rhodes. How do I know he is a police officer? I have lived in Sikeston for many years and have seen him several times. After he pulled out in front of me, I got in the other lane and drove past him. When I looked over, you know what? He was not wearing his seat belt. After I stared at him and pointed, he decided to buckle up. Don't officers have to follow the same rules as the rest of us?

If the officer in question is a public safety officer, call DPS at 471-6200 and speak with the director or one of the captains. If the driver was an administrative officer in the department, ask to speak to Director Drew Juden. We are not at liberty to publish the kind of vehicle or license plate number you provided in SpeakOut. Your call to DPS will remain confidential.

I voted for President Bush in the first election. I watched his speech on Tuesday night and embarrassed that I voted for him. He's worse than I thought.